Sunday, July 11, 2010

Raindrops @ *Scape

Tucked into a neat corner, the place was not that hard to find. Just walk straight past the Cineleisure glass doors, turn right round the corner, past MacDonald's then walk up past Zhang Zhen Huan's fruit juice shop, past the ice-cream shop and voila, the signboard greets you with this month's promo (which is 4 main courses gets you a free bottle of wine in July).

As you approach, the service staff quickly meets you at the door. The entrance to the cafe is Japanese automatic glass door styled. Touch the handle button, and the door slides open. (Usually, they'll open it for you though.. ahhaa)

For appetisers, we tried the tataki tuna, which was pan-seared pacific tuna, shimeji mushroom ragout, salad & balsamico reduction. The texture of the tuna was interesting, and my friend thought it tasted like beef! The rocket leaves were quite bitter, and it somehow affected the mushrooms which I thought was bitter too! Wiki'ed ragout and it means "a basic method of preparation that involves slow cooking over a low heat."

tataki tuna

mushroom ragout with bitter leaves!

For mains, I've tasted the ribeye, meltique beef, pizza, pork kurobuta and fish & chips. The portions are quite generous, and it's good to share 3 mains if you're in a group of 4. Even so, I've yet to find the space to try the desserts!

meltique beef (prime cut)


The beef was tender! Ribeye was slightly chewier while meltique beef almost, almost melt in your mouth... Medium rare is how we liked it.



The kurobuta pork rack was interesting as well. Pork seemed to go well with fruits. The meat was well cooked and firm to the bite. Though I liked the parts nearer to the bone more. Tender yums!

kurobuta pork rack with apple sauce

well cooked meat

If you're not into red meat, then there's still fish & chips to consider. Served piping hot, fresh from the fryer.

beer battered fish & chips

Though, I can't really discern the beer taste but the fish flesh was fragrant. Enjoyable deep fried dish.

If you're not too keen on meats, perhaps a pizza might be of interest. My mom ordered the hawaiian pizza and she looked quite pleased!

hawaiian pizza (thin crust!)

The pizza crust was really thin and crunchy like a biscuit! The center of the pizza tend to be quite soft, so be careful of the cheese that looked like it was about to slide off the pizza crust!

Would like to go back someday... to try their desserts. Sipping coffee by the window during a lazy afternoon sounds like not too bad an idea...

iced cafe mocha by the window

Revisited on 8 December 2010

This time round, we ordered soft-shell crab with wasabi mayo dip, chunky mushroom soup and for mains we had kurobuta pork rack (again!) and marinara pizza, and for desserts (finally managed to try!) we had mascarpone mousse (tiramisu yes?) and creme brulee.

soft shell crab
wasabi dip rocks!

We actually wanted to order calamari or chicken wings but were told that these items were sold out.. at about 8+ pm! Wow. But we did see other table ordered the beer battered mushrooms. It looked good!

mushroom soup with truffle oil

The mushroom soup was enjoyable with chockful of mushroom bits, and generously drizzled with truffle oil.

marinara pizza (seafood)

capsicum, squid, fish and prawns

Our marinara pizza nearly became margherita pizza. Therefore, do listen carefully when the waitstaff repeats your order! =P

creme brulee
sugary treat
yummy, melt in your mouth and sweeet

Creme brulee tasted as good as it looked. The fruits were a little sour and tart, and it helps to perks up the taste bud after all the sweetness.

mascarpone mousse
soft and moist


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