Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Swiss Grill @ Coronation Plaza

Was there on a Saturday evening, not as crowded as we thought it would. My first time at Coronation Plaza area.

see this, and it's time to alight from the bus

The Swiss Grill/Butchery is located just round the corner of Starbucks. If you are walking towards the plaza, turn left away from NTUC and you will see Starbucks. Walk past Starbucks and Xin Wang, and you'll see Swiss Grill.

special menu

Not many items on the menu, mostly sausages and burgers. Saw that they had grilled lamb burger on the board, and it's not found in the menu. So decided to order that. My friend ordered the portobello mushroom burger, so I said, "Vegetarian??" Haha, nope. It came with bacon as well.

Add $2.50 for mesclun salad and fries. The salad is well drizzled with olive oil, and tasty. Fries was rather soft, and overly salted.

grilled lamb burger with added mesclun salad and fries

Come to think of it. It's rather pricey to have just one burger with no sides for $15.90! Total cost of the grilled lamb burger with sides, was close to $20! My my!

melted cheese, lettuce and caramellized onions

thick patty

portobello mushroom burger, with bacon crisps

The service was rather patchy, with our waitress serving two burgers but had no inkling of what burger those are... There is no service charge btw, only sales tax, so we can be more accommodating, I think...


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