Friday, June 18, 2010

Shin Kushiya @Vivocity

Located at Level 2 of Vivocity, I took a wrong turn and ended up having to search high and low for this restaurant. Haha, bad sense of direction as usual. Reservation was a breeze, and they usually gave me a seat by the window. Can say that it came with a view, but the only downside was that view is currently all construction stuffs!

We're small eaters, us girls, so between the two of us, we ordered the unagi maki, sanshoku don and a mushroom with stuffed minced chicken meat kushiyaki.

unagi maki

Unagi maki (sushi roll with grilled eel, in teriyaki sauce with asparagus and cucumber) was rather dull. Can't taste much of the unagi too. Hardly taste any asparagus too! Perhaps can do with a bigger slice in it. The rice (at least for the maki and the don) tend to harden as the night progresses.

I liked the shansoku don though. The color, the glistening oil from the fish, arrangement of the bowl, simple yet ppeals to the senses and I can't wait to sink my teeth into the fresh fish slices!

sanshoku don (salmon, maguro and kajiki)

fresh fish slices

The item with the 'heaviest' taste, the mushroom kushiyaki was eaten last. Quite an enjoyable snack.

stuffed mushroom with minced chicken

Total bill was $40+ for 2 pax.


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