Saturday, June 5, 2010

Eating Out in Kajang

Back home, breakfast is usually, eating outside food. On weekends, my sis would go to the market, so our dad drives us to eat either in Kajang or Sungai Chua which is slightly further away.

Da Ji at Sungai Chua

Usually, I like to order a cup of coffee and chee cheong fun. The cheong fun in Malaysia, in a way, is more fun (sic) to eat! Why? Because you can mix it with yong tau foo stuffs, and put a little sweet sauce, chili sauce and curry sauce mix and a dash sesame on top, voila! A hearty breakfast!

chee cheong fun

wanton noodles soup

My dad likes this hawker centre, "Happy Cafe". Haha!

rows of stalls

And, he likes food that are not good for you! Such as char kway teow (laden with oil!) and curry (heaty!).

char kway teow

curry noodles, with juicy see-hum (cockles)

The prawn noodles in Malaysia is different from those in Singapore. There's more variety in terms of taste as compared to those in Singapore which tends to be more cleaner tasting on the palate.

prawn noodles, shioks!

i like the soup!

There's a eating place nearer to the Kajang market, and it is only open at night. That place is called 'Da Zhong', and there's this stall that sells BBQ chicken wings. The chicken wings here is cooked upon order, so expect to wait for about 15 mins. This is a must-try!

yummy chicken wings

Another thing to try, is the nasi lemak from any roadside stall (but pick a hygenic one la..). I'd order it with hard boiled egg, sambal see-hum (cockles), peanuts, and anchovies sambal. Of course, if it's my dad ordering, he'd add one piece of chicken. But of course, in this case, the nasi lemak will then be around RM$4-RM$5 per pack.

looks messy, but taste good!

Don't forget to try the zhi-char in Malaysia, and order the black black hokkien mee.

a plate of glistening black hokkien noodles

However, my mom prefers the Cantonese fried noodles.

Yuan Yang Cantonese noodles, where the noodles are beehoon (deep fried) and hor fun

Don't forget to try these dishes, if you're in the vicinity! ;)


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