Saturday, June 5, 2010

Itacho Sushi @ ION Orchard

Located at B2 of ION Orchard towards Paterson Link. The queue was still ok for a Saturday evening (around 645pm), and we got seated after waiting for about 10-15 minutes. Saying yes to counter seats means shorter waiting time ;)

Had a clear view of the sushi master, who was all smiles and had lively exchanges with his staff (kitchen and service crew). Sushi master spoke some Japanese some Cantonese, while his kitchen crew were mostly speaking in Cantonese.

sushi master at work

colorful bottles of sake

The sushis are priced at per piece and ranges from below $1 to above $6.

plump looking scallop sushi

Was imagining luscious oily texture for the fatty tuna mini rice, but it turned out to be something quite different. The tuna was finely minced, and served in an glass saucer. I think the rice portion was probably 2-2.5 times of the amount of rice on one piece of sushi. Not alot, so it's just for sampling. It is very clean tasting, and eating it with wasabi soy sauce gives it more kick.

fatty tuna mini rice (does the glass saucer look like an ashtray?)

unagi mini rice

foie gras sushi

eel sushi ($6)

The eel (anago?) sushi looked impressive, and it tasted real soft.. but somehow, I didn't quite like it.

As usual, I will always want to try yellow tail sushi in all sushi joints! The sushi looked quite 'thin', but the hamachi meat was plump and has adequate oil to it. The small dollop of greenish thingy on top of it, tasted somewhat like a citrus zest.

hamachi sushi (i like~)

jack mackerel

My dining companion commented that the california maki here didn't taste quite like what he tried in Tokyo. Well, no comments on that since I didn't try any from there. The crunchy tiny egg roe lining the outerside of the maki was a perfect foil to the soft rice.

california maki, with tiny crunchy roe

saury, fatty aburi salmon and ark shell sushi

They're having a 50% discount promotion for salmon in soy sauce (originally was $0.80 per piece).

aburi salmon in soy sauce, must try!

The aburi salmon in soy sauce was cheap and good! It's yummy when eaten together with the raw onion slice. Recommended!


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