Monday, September 12, 2016

NOW Noodles+ @ Novena Square 2

Occupying the space that was previously 天晴 Appare Udon and Tempura Japanese Restaurant (that has been left vacant for the longest time), is NOW Noodles+.

NOW Noodles+ has just opened its doors on 10 September 2016 and serves up Asian contemporary noodles from family recipes. Shop has a modern decor, warm lights, manned by a young crew and with a small menu for a start. Payment at the moment is by cash only and the style is semi-self service. Order and pay at the counter. Take your own utensils and sauces and take a seat. Your food shall be served to your table.

now opened

The menu at the moment has five mains only of Dry Laksa, Dry Mee Siam, Mee Tai Mak with century egg, Vegetarian Mee Goreng, and Heng Hwa Noodle Soup. Sides such as Gyoza, Chicken Mid-Wings, and Sotong Balls and two desserts of churros and malasada. Drinks choices include coffee from coffee machine with choices including espresso, latte, cappucino and black coffee, and other drinks like black tea, chinese tea and mineral water.

The mains are all currently priced at $9.80, sides at $2.80 and desserts at $3.80. All prices are nett.

The Dry Laksa was nicely fragrant in all aspects. The prawns were of a good size, translucent and barely cooked, just the way I liked it.

Dry Laksa
Dry Mee Siam

At one glance of its menu, my choice would be the Heng Hwa Noodle Soup as this item is rather rare as compared to mee siam or laksa. The mee tai mak with century egg just seemed a tad too funky for me. I'll probably play safe and let someone else order and I'll just try that.

The noodle soup has plenty of ingredients in it including sweet pea, bok choy, egg strips, black fungus and dried lily bulb with a piece of chunky chicken meat. We got a drumstick!

Heng Hwa Noodle Soup
thin egg noodles

The broth of the noodle soup was robust but with bitter aftertaste. The smell of chinese wine was quite evident. Am not sure how many would like the bitter aftertaste though. I certainly enjoyed it less.

For desserts, we were eager to try the churros but unfortunately it was not available that day. So we tried the malasada instead. According to wiki, malasada is a Portugues confection much like a doughnut which is balls of dough, deep-fried and sugar dusted.

Customer can choose two choice-fillings from three flavours; Thai Tea, Kaya and Orange. We chose Thai Tea and Orange. The word malasada also refers to under-cooked. After taking a bite into this, and it was understandably true to taste. It tasted abit undercooked and doughy. The filling was nice and creamy though.

malasada @$3.80

As with all restaurants that had just began its operation, teething problems were bound to occur.

Will probably do a revisit after it has been in operation for another few weeks.

Expect to spend about $13 per pax inclusive of a drink.


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