Friday, September 16, 2016

D'Good Cafe @ Takashimaya

Recently paid a visit to D'Good Cafe at #B1-56 Takashimaya. Previous visit was to its Holland Village outlet. Read more about that here.  It was post-lunch and the place was bustling as expected during the weekends and we were lucky to have the last remaining counter seats. The 65-seater cafe looked smallish when it was packed.

counter seats view
The cold brew menu looked pretty interesting and there was even one called 'Unknown'. mysterious! Ask friendly the friendly barista and he will explain to you on what to expect for the 'Unknown'.

cold brew coffee menu

One of the signature is the Coconut Infused Cold Brew @$9.50++, so we ordered one of that to try. Coffee brewed with coconut water for that light coconut fragrance and slight fruity sweetness.

are you ready for a multisensory experience?
pour some smoke over the coffee
now, let's do the same for the drinking glass
That was some display of effects and the coffee tasted pretty strong. Or, if you'd like a strong espresso with milk, get Dirty; a concoction of double espresso over 3 oz. of cold milk. In the menu, there is a prescribed way of drinking this. Sip, drink and gulp.

Dirty @$4++
For me, I've gotten the Maple Syrup Sea Salt Latte @$6++. Was disappointed that it turned out to be tasting like a regular latte.

Maple Syrup Sea Salt Latte @$6++

And, we just couldn't resist ordering the Deutsch Skillet Pancake that D'Good Cafe does so well. Chose the plain and simple Classic of sweet dutch pancake, served with maple syrup, lemon and cream cheese on the side. Added a scoop of white chocolate raspberry ice-cream with chocolate drizzle because who'll say no to ice-cream? Do order early as it takes about half an hour for the pancake to arrive piping hot to our table. That anticipation...was well worthed it!

Classic @$8++ (ice-cream additional $3++)

It was an indulgent to have it with the ice-cream for that contrast of warm and cold, and distinct sweetness jolt. It was refreshing to the palate to have it plain with just a drizzle of maple syrup and a squeeze of lemon. Totally yummy! A dab of cream cheese on the thin eggy pancake gave it another slightly heavier taste that was almost buttery.

Expect to spend about $10 to $15 per pax for coffee and dessert. Was great catching up with fellow foodies; Kris, Tiara and Justin over coffee. Thanks Justin for being the hand-model.

D'Good Cafe

Address: 391 Orchard Road #B1-56, Takashimaya S.C., Ngee Ann City Singapore 238872


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