Sunday, September 11, 2016

[Media Invite] Outback Steakhouse @ Millenia Walk

Outback Steakhouse is not a stranger to the steak scene in Singapore. Outback is an American outfit which started in Tampa, Florida and its restaurant has an Australian theme. Just a month ago, it has launched some new items in its menu. Was invited to try the new additions along with fellow bloggers. Dinner with the blokes.

featured menu
The place gets rather busy after 7pm on weekdays. The favourite orders would include the classics such as Typhoon Bloom as appetiser and rib-eye steak served with two sides of your choice as mains.

Upon placing your orders, diners would be served with complimentary bread. Two small loaves bushmen bread served with butter cream spread. Rather enjoyable soft mini-loaves. Its slight sweetness came from honey and cocoa powder. Yummy.

Honey Wheat Bushmen Bread (complimentary)

For drinks, we had the refreshing non-alcoholic Barrier Reef Punch. Basically a fruit punch made of mango, pineapple and orange juices blended with pureed strawberries. A cooling thirst-quencher!

Barrier Reef Punch @$5.90++

Tried the Tomato and Mozzarella Bruschetta. Was impressed by the thick cut mozzarella on the grilled baguette. Crunchy toast with thick soft slice of mozzarella topped with cherry tomatoes and greens. Liked the sweet dressing of basil pesto and balsamic vinaigrette. Good for sharing amongst 3-4 pax. It was quite hard to stop eating the breads. Enjoyed both the bruschetta and bushmen bread.

Tomato and Mozzarella Bruschetta @$14.90++
One of the crowd favourite thus far at Outback Steakhouse in terms of appetisers, would be its 'Typhoon Bloom'. A huge mound of onion rings, stacked like a flower and deep fried till golden brown. Dusted with Outback's seasoning, it was rather sweet on its own. But having it with the dip added to the enjoyment.

Typhoon Bloom @$14.90++
I think it would be rather daunting for two pax to devour that huge plate of onion rings as appetiser!

As part of The Great Aussie Eats menu, Outback is introducing its Crab Topped Sirloin. Chunks of lump crab meat sitting ontop of a 6-oz seasoned and seared sirloin. Served with two sides of your choice and hollandaise sauce.

Crab Topped Sirloin with two sides (baked potato and seasonal vege) @$37.90++
 As usual, we ordered our meat medium rare. The baked potato was really good with its salt crusted skin.

Loaded Baked Potato @$6.90++

Crab Topped Sirloin, medium rare
While we were there, most diners would opt for the USDA ribeye steak as their choice of mains. Got ourselves a chargrilled ribeye with peppercorn sauce to try. For the sides, we tried corn-on-cob and sweet potato fries. Was rather disappointed with the bland corn. The sweet potato fries (@$5.90++) on the other hand was good. Well fried and great seasoning. The ribeye was rather thin but its marbling was good. Can be eaten without sauce as it was adequately seasoned with Outback's secret blend of 17 herbs and spices.

10 oz. Chargrilled Ribeye @$39.90++

For non-beef option, you may want to try the Sweet Chili Chicken and Shrimp combo, served with one choice of freshly made sides. For the sides, we had Rice Pilaf and Fresh Seasonal Veges. Thought the rice pilaf was rather good. Moist and soft.

Sweet Chili Chicken and Shrimp @$23.90++

Ended with a new dessert of Key Lime Pie. Soft fragrance of lime and the sweet creamy curd encasted on slightly spiced pecan graham cracker crumbs base. Not too heavy and probably can do with a cup of coffee with this.

Key Lime Pie @$6.90++

Special thanks to Meghana and Outback Steakhouse for hosting the dinner, and Hence for the invite.

Outback Steakhouse



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