Thursday, September 8, 2016

Tomi Sushi 富寿し/シンガポール・ノベナ店 @ Novena Square

Sometimes, one just have a craving for Japanese food. Had never tried the sushi at Tomi, so it was an opportune moment. The place was fairly relaxed on a Friday night and no reservation was necessary. For drinks, ordered a Calpis Highball to try. Never tried a highball, nor a Calpis before!

So, a search was necessary to understand the stuffs that am drinking. Calpis is a Japanese uncarbonated softdrink. Hmmm, like a soda? But interestingly, Calpis is manufactured by Calpis Co. Ltd. which is a subsidiary of ...*drumroll please* Asahi! interesting. Actually, Calpis tasted like a sweet yoghurt drink. Quite nice, in fact. Cloudy coloured.

So what about Highball? Highball is simply a mixed alcoholic drink with an alcoholic base and a larger proportion of non-alcoholic mixer. Japanese people do like their Highballs. Very common to find it at yakitori places. Usually its base is whisky and topped with soda.

Calpis Highball (カルピスのハイボール) @$10++

Am liking the Calpis Highball but was rather doubtful of the whisky proportion...tasted mostly of Calpis.

Food-wise, had some sushi. Ordered my usual favourites of Hotate and Tsubu-gai sushi. Lovely sweet scallops sushi.

(front) hotate sushi (ホタテの寿司) @$8++

The main reason why I'd order the whelk sushi (tsubugai nigiri sushi) was for its refreshingly crunchy texture. Better than squid, I'd say. Best value for money at $5++ for a pair.

tsubugai nigiri sushi (つぶ貝[ツブガイ]握り寿司) @$5++
That few sushi won't be able to fill you up, so let's have some more. Wanted to order a tamagoyaki (玉子焼き) but it wasn't in the menu, I think or perhaps didn't see it. So ordered a tamago sushi anyhow. It was one huge oversized cold sweet egg with a bit of sushi rice in it. Preferred savoury egg though.

tamago sushi (卵寿司) @$4++

For the finale, was the best sushi of the night. The anago sushi. It was the last plate to arrive. Two beautiful piece of salt-water eel sushi. It was fatty and so plump tasting. Good choice.

anago sushi (アナゴ寿司) @$12++


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