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[Media Invite] Spuds & Aprons @ Faber Peak Singapore

Ascended to the hilltop to attain......hearty good food, good service, gentle natural breeze and coupled with an awesome view! What more could one ask for?

signage to the restaurant

Getting to Faber Peak Singapore was fairly easy. By Cable Car Sky Network with Mount Faber Line and Sentosa Line running. A Cable Car Sky Pass ticket for an adult costs $33 and you'll get Mount Faber Line + Sentosa Line and entry into Sentosa. But I think getting the Faber License is more value-for-money and here's why. Get this, for only $39 per year for an individual membership, you'll get unlimited joyrides on the two cable car lines, unlimited admission to Sentosa island plus exclusive privileges for dining and shopping at Faber Peak Singapore. How cool is that! Read more about Faber License and how to be a member here.

Took the cable car ride from Harbourfront Tower, and funny us, we lost our way as we got off at the wrong stop. Haha. My sense of direction is getting from bad to worse, apparently. From Harbourfront Tower to Faber Peak, the journey is about 7 to 8 minutes.

joyrides via Cable Car Sky Network
With the Faber Line, it was very easy to locate our dining venue; Spuds and Aprons. After getting off the cable car, walk into the souvenir shop, have a look or get a wishing bell from here, or exit the shop and you'll be greeted by the signage to the restaurant.

Spuds and Aprons is located about 100 metres above sea level at Faber Peak Singapore. If you feel a sense of familiarity of this place, that's likely because Jewel Box was previously here. Now, Spuds and Aprons offers big, comfortable space with good airflow, and has adequate lightings. It even retained part of nature in its space. The restaurant now has a casual vibe and basically pretty chill. The kitchen is helmed by Executive Chef Derrick Ang and the restaurant serves up good hearty proportions of tasty food which has both Western and Asian influences.

one with nature
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Diners could purchase a wishing bell from the souvenir shop and make a wish at the Faber Peak. From the restaurant, you could see the small wishing bells that others had placed. It makes a beautiful view.

wishing bells

Let's quench our thirst by starting with a refreshing mocktail of Wild Berries Chunky Munchies Soda with nata de coco. The soda water provided a bit of fizz to the drink. Nice and sweet and plenty of berries.  Not to worry if berries is not your thing, as one could also choose flavours such as mango, yuzu, passionfruit, soursop, watermelon and lychee. The berries were seriously plentiful in this mug!

Chunky Munchies Soda with Nata de Coco (Wild Berries) @$8++

For appetisers, we had the Truffle Wicked Fries, Chili Crab in a Tux which is listed as 'die die must try' in its menu, Sweet Potato Fries and Thai Green Curry Chicken with Rice Crackers.

Truffle Wicked Fries @$13++
The Truffle Wicked Fries are steakhouse cut spuds with 6 types of cheeses; Provolone, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Gruyere, Emmental and Cheddar and served with a small dish of brown sauce. There was no need for the sauce as the thick cut fries with melty cheese on it were so good eaten as it is! Gooey cheeses and crispy fries for the win!

Thai Green Curry Chicken with Rice Crackers @$14++

The rice crackers in the Thai Green Curry Chicken tapas was really good too. Fluffy and crispy as good rice puffs ought to be. Was just curious about the Thai Green Curry though. Its colour was rather light but the taste of green curry was there. Minced chicken meat was used and that was a tad unexpected along with the colour of the green curry. Curiouser and curiouser.

The other fries that we tried was the sweet potato fries. Sweet and well fried. The dip of curry mayo sauce was quite additive and tasted rather familiar. Lovely!
Sweet Potato Fries with Sea Salt and Japanese Curry Mayo @$10++

For the strongest flavoured starter, go for the Chili Crab in a Tux. A good flavourful mound of chili crab fitted snugly onto potato skins. Slight spiciness and moderately sweet. Cut it into halves? Nah, no way! Am not sharing this. All mine! No need to crack any shells too. So convenient and tasty. Why, one could even eat the skin on this one.Thumbs up for this dish.

Chili Crab in a Tux @$14++

For mains, we sampled dishes that had something from the land and the sea. Something with beef? Yes, one could eat like a horse with a small pot of Gorgeous Beef Guinness, or if duck confit is your thing, go for the Quack & Go.  Chef must be one humorous chap to come up with this name. There's also the good with beer item; the Barbequed Baby Back Ribs. Otherwise, there's Sio Bak or Crispy Pork Belly and lastly, my favourite dish from the mains; the Tobiko Crusted Cod Fillet. The Grilled King Prawns was impressive looking with its huge prawns.

Barbequed Baby Back Ribs @$26++
Quack & Go @$26++

The Baby Back Ribs has a nice glaze and was well seasoned. Meat was fork tender and portion was good for one pax. Enjoyed the accopanying sauerkraut too.Tangy and appetising!

The Quack & Go was basically Asian spiced duck leg confit, served with mango salsa anbd mixed brown rice. The mango salsa tasted pretty much like Thai som tam. Very likeable and goes well with the mixed brown rice which again has chye poh (fried preserved turnip) in it. Now we can say byebye to bland brown rice.

My preference was the Crispy Pork Belly over the duck leg confit.  Mainly because the pork belly has such tender meat with reasonable fat to meat ratio and of course, the de-facto crackling skin. Satisfying crunch indeed.

Crispy Pork Belly @$27++

Next, were two dishes that would make one sit up and take notice.

The Grilled King Prawns with the two large sized prawns sitting ontop of squid ink pasta which in turn, was bathed in tom yum broth. The tom yum broth was refreshingly tangy but it was also a tad salty overall.

Grilled King Prawns @$32++
Next, was my favourite main course. Looked so beautiful too. Good portion of the cod fillet, lots of tobiko, soba doused in light soy based sweet sauce and with some mushrooms and bok choy. Yummy, lovely colours, strongly flavoured yet has a light mouthfeel.  Recommended and must-try.

Tobiko Crusted Cod Fillet @$32++

For desserts, there are 6 options in the menu and we tried three; Banana Heaven, Jar of Happiness and Chempedak Bread and Butter (Pudding).

Banana Heaven has quite a strong vanilla taste to it, and the banana biscuit was quite unique as it tasted a bit like frozen sponge cake. Decorated with strawberries and marshmallows.

Banana Heaven @$12++

Jar of Happiness @$11++

Liked the Jar of Happiness quite a bit. One just can't help to feel happy eating the content of this jar. Dig into the thick creamy Haagen Daaz vanilla ice-cream that's topped with warm strawberry compote, almond flakes to find treasures of mixed berries and shortbread.

And, for the finale, personal favourite was the Chempedak Bread and Butter Pudding. This is also one of signature desserts, along with Jar of Happiness. The fragrance of the chempedak was evident and very likeable. Warm bread and butter pudding that gives off strong whiffs of chempedak fruit topped with cold ice-cream equates to love.

Chempedak Bread and Butter @$12++

Overall, Spuds & Aprons has a strong line up of hearty good food in its starters, mains and desserts. Its casual vibe was inviting and the place is suitable for families, large groups or even couples and close friends to chat and chill in the cool natural air with some good view from 100 metres above the sea level.

Special thanks and appreciation to Tracy, Yee Shan and Faber Peak Singapore for hosting the dinner and the good folks of HGW for the invite.

Hurry and utilize the on-going promotion at Hungrygowhere for Spuds & Aprons (till 30 Sept 2016) where one can get 50% off second main course, or free sweet potato fries beer/cider bucket or wine bottle, or free half-pint beer for every main course ordered. Check out for more information and t&c here:


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