Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Sun With Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe @ Wheelock Place

Located at Level 3 of Wheelock Place, this restaurant has been around for quite some time. Possible to walk in during weekends but reservation is recommended for larger groups. There were a mix of diners including solo diner, families and couples. Mostly are families dining out.

Let's get started with a Yuzu Highball. The price was right so couldn't resist ordering one. Refreshing with lots of yuzu sweetness. Thirst quencher on warm evening.

Yuzu Highball @$5++
Kyushu Yuzu Amasake @$4++
Another interesting drink was the sweet and cloudy Kyushu Yuzu Amasake. With very low alcoholic content of just 0.5% ABV, it tasted quite like a nigori sake mix.

For 2 pax, we chose a kamameshi dish and a salad to share. Chose the Salmon Avocado Salad with ample slices of creamy avacodo. The dressing was a simple soy-based sauce. Would have preferred a more citrus-y flavoured dressing.

salmon avocado salad @$13.80++

The kamameshi is basically flavoured rice in an iron pot. The whole setup included a small kettle of bonito broth, a cute small iron pot good for one pax and a side dish of ikura and seaweed strips.

how to enjoy Kamameshi
Chose the Seafood Mix Kamameshi and there were unagi, small scallops, salmon, mushroom and broad beans (soramame).

Seafood Mix Kamaneshi @$24.80++
Lovely flavours that was not too strong. Equally enjoyable with the bonito broth. There was still room for desserts.

The sweet potato mont blanc was rather nice. Not overly sweet and has a light sweet potato taste.

Amasa Satsuma Imo Mont Blanc @$6.80++
cross section

Expect to spend about $38 per pax for a set dinner with a drink, or dessert. Service was good and staff was friendly.


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