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[Media Invite] Borderless Sunday Brunch @ Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

Sunday brunch options are a plenty in our sunny island of Singapore. If you are looking for a good one somewhere along Havelock Road area, am glad to recommend the newly launched Borderless Sunday Brunch at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel. Imagine three hours of gastronomical enjoyment with three different experiences.

Be greeted by the friendly staff right at the entrance of the dining area. You will be handed the 'passport' to the Borderless Sunday Brunch, which in effect is a little guided map to the various food and drinks stations.

Passport to Borderless Sunday Brunch @ Grand Copthorne Waterfront
dining area

There were simply too many things to try. Food Capital definitely has us, the diners in their mind. Appetiser of foie gras ala-minute, yes there is. Singapore's favourites of laksa, prawn noodles, chicken rice and chili crabs? Yup, why not!

foie gras, coming right up
chili crabs, mantous, chicken rice

How about naan, curries and tandoor goodies? Of course. Amazingly, they've even got a whole tandoori lamb as well. Impressed much!

Indian food station
whole grilled tandoori lamb

All time favourites of fresh seafood like crabs, oysters, mussels, prawns, sashimi and sushis? Definitely. Not forgetting the desserts and cut fruits.

scallops, mussels, oysters
cold seafood galore - prawns, crabs and crayfish

If you think, that was it...nope, there's more. Walk on towards the center and be mesmerized by the golden glitter that's Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut Champagne. Never be thirsty as Tempo bar kept up the pace by topping up the champagne flutes, or plying out bottles after bottles of beer and ciders. Signature cocktails and mocktails are available too. Sweet. For the non-alcoholic drinkers, there's juices and slushies. Yep, slushies for our hot weather. Cool!

Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut Champagne, beer and Strongbow ciders @ Tempo Bar

At Grissini, be awed by the ample selection of assorted cheeses, antipasti of salads, hams, parma and jamon. Parma ham and melon?

jamón ibérico de bellota
cured meats

Yes, that too! Not forgetting its namesake, do try the breadsticks with the Japanese mayonaise with sundried tomato dip. Pizzas and ala-minute pasta, that too.

paying homage to Grissini
house-cured salmon
assorted breads and cheeses
pizza, fresh off the oven

However, the deal clincher for me was the unlimited servings of premium meats and seafood lovingly Josper oven-grilled. Seriously, how or where else could you find this deal?

lining up for Josper
the grill is on fire~

As I'm not a big eater, I'd need to strategise on specifics. Plus, there's the free-flow of drinks to consider. Started with my favourite of oysters and prawns. The light flavours of the seafood and champagne. Luxurious.

oysters of the New Zealand and Irish variant
Riviera & Champagne
Signature cocktails that week included the French inspired summer drink named as The Riviera. Its base is Perrier-Jouët, has a bit of spice and light sweetness.

foie gras for moi
The mini foie gras was mild and creamy. Served ontop of a tiny square of bread, it was more like a canapé. The western station looked good with the prime roast and the beautifully glazed ribs so, had to take a portion to try. There was an assortment of condiments for the roasts such as mint jelly, mustard, dijon and the likes.

veal ribs, prime roast and pork ribs
pork ribs, prime roast and veal ribs

First time trying veal ribs and found that it was a tad tough and tasted very much like bak kwa. Intriguing. The prime roast was actually quite tender. Perhaps some sauce and yorkshire pudding to go with the roast would be good?

We were jumping from appetisers, meats and then back to antipasti. Strange but hey, that's buffet style. Eat what you like, however you like it.

The cured meats and assorted cheeses were good to pair with the alcoholic drinks. There was a truffle salami, and the jamon was so good.

cured meats
Strongbow cider, Desperado tequilla beer

Moving on to the mains, we satisfied our meaty cravings with the premium meats from the Josper grill. Definitely must-eats are lamb, octopus, wagyu, prawn and chicken. Yup, basically all that's available from the Josper, just take. My favourite was definitely the lamb cutlet. No doubt about it. So tender, so flavourful and not gamey at all. Gorgeous looking, adequately seasoned and expertly grilled. Yummy.

prawns, lamb cutlets, octopus
Australian wagyu and chicken

If you are looking for a sweeter cocktail, try the Bellucci. Sweet sexy and mysterious as inspired by the pretty Monica Bellucci (actress).

Bellucci with creme de cassis

As what other reviewers had mentioned, do try the laksa before you leave. The sea-hum (cockles) were so plump and good. Good amount given in that bowl too. Good job!

laksa with seahum
prawn and pork ribs noodles
The prawn noodles is worth trying too. The warm broth was sweet, flavourful and comforting. Just the remedy after one too many glasses of alcoholic drinks.

Ended on an even sweeter note with desserts.

nonya kueh
mini macarons

Though we didn't eat a lot, we were pretty stuffed by now. Tried some of the desserts and I totally loved the taro ice-cream. So yammy! The mini macarons was not too sweet and likeable.

colourful desserts

It was pretty amazing how that three hours passed by so quickly. Thank you Jennifer and Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel for the invitation. We enjoyed the meal and as usual, with good company.

This amazing Borderless Sunday Brunch is available at a promotional rate of $88++ (with free-flow of juices and soft drinks) and $128++ (with free-flow of Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut Champagne, Strongbow ciders, house pour wines, juices and soft drinks) on 11 September 2016. Brunch starts from 1230pm to 330pm.

After 11 September, diners could still enjoy the Borderless Sunday Brunch at $98++ and $138++ respectively.

For reservations, please call 62331100 or email



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