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[Taiwan] Lu Sih An 麓司岸餐坊 手創料理 @ Sun Moon Lake

Visited in May and the weather was generally hot in Taiwan. First time visit to Sun Moon Lake and was eager to try some of the local eats here. Lu Sih An was recommended by our local driver so we decided to give it a try. This restaurant serves Ita Thao food.

restaurant facade

From the framed medals on the wall, the place/Chef seemed to be an award winning one! The TV in the restaurant had food programmes featuring its restaurant on loop.


There's set meal as per normal in a Chinese restaurant, or one could do ala-carte. We picked a couple of items based on guide and shop's recommendation as well as our own preference. Or rather, our own inquisitiveness to try the new foods!

The prices are for mid-range dining and the interior feels like my hometown restaurant. It is airconditioned and seating were comfortable. We were there before 630pm and there were about two other tables occupied.

The lady staff/boss was pretty humorous. There is a dish that our guide requested for them to prepare earlier. It is the shop specialty of deep fried sharpbelly fish. Thanks to Wiki, now we know that sharpbelly fish is a type of wild carp.

Specialty - Crispy Fried Sharpbelly Fish 酥炸奇力鱼 @NT180

It is salted and deep fried along with seaweed. Quite addictive, but one needs to watch out for some sharp protruding bones. Tasty and goes well with beer. But we did not do beer that evening because too full from pre-dinner snacks.

To warm our tummy, we had soup. Oh my. The soup pot was huge! We had bowls after bowls of the warm soup. Down-to-earth flavours but too bad the clams were not as sweet as I had expected.

Miso Soup with Clams and Mixed Mushrooms @NT480

Did I tell you how much I love the vegetables in Taiwan? Well, I do! Especially those variants that we can't find in Singapore/Malaysia. Adding a touch of exoticness into our food intake. We ordered Guo-Mao which is a type of wild fern. Not sure why the vegetable is named like a cat but it has a tongue numbing effect when eaten raw. Maybe it was because of this that we got the saying of "the cat got your tongue?" Hmm, points to ponder. The stir-fried vegetable was soo good!

過猫 Guo-Mao Vegetable Fern @NT120

Because we were at Sun Moon Lake, we gotta order a lake fish to try! Steamed version. About SGD21 for one steamed fish. It is abit like tilapia though not muddy.

Steamed Sun Moon Lake Fish @NT450

Oops, forgot to mention we did order an appetiser. Since it was bamboo shoot season, we ordered a baked bamboo shoots with cheese. Its Chinese name is Baked Beauty Legs? So funny.

焗烤美人腿 Baked Water Bamboo with Cheese @NT250

We also ordered wild boar meat on hotplate but that's the one dish that was least likable (for me). It was sprinkled with some herbs that not only masked out the taste of the meat, it tasted something like those bitter powder medicine that you had to pour onto your tongue.

Dinner for 6-pax
Our driver, Sam was so nice to order dessert for us. Goreng Pisang. Joking, but indeed it was a banana fritter type of dessert. Looks lovely and tasted crispy and sweet. Banana taste was minimal. Kids would love this!

signature dish of fried banana 麓司岸の焦焦者 ·@NT250

麓司岸餐坊 手創料理

Address: 號, No. 108文化街, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan 555
Contact: +886 4 9285 0451
Business Hours:
Daily: 11AM - 230PM, 530-830PM
Close on Sundays


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