Sunday, July 22, 2018

Trung Nguyen Coffee @ International Plaza

Trung Nguyen is a coffee chain from Vietnam, and first taste of it was in 2011 when we were at Ho Chi Minh. Lunch hour at International Plaza always sees throngs of office workers looking for a place to dine.

This place is not so crowded so we were there after our meeting. Lunch set $11.90 consist of a main dish, an appetiser and coffee. Pay at the cashier and await for food. Noticeably, those who ordered noodles will get their orders first. Perhaps, it was easier to prepare? One could see two big pots of soup bubbling at the counter.

pay and wait
I got myself a banh mi pâté which consist of french baguette stuffed vegetable, a slice of ham and chicken liver pate. For appetiser, I had the fresh spring roll. And of course, coffee.

fresh spring roll

The spring rolls were prepped prior and one just need to peel off the cling wrap from the small plate. It was compact with rice vermicelli, lettuce, cucumber, cilantro and a prawn. The sauce was like a watery sweet chili sauce but necessary. Light and mild.

chicken liver pâté banh mi 
There's something about chewing on a baguette with stuffings. The more you chew, the tastier it becomes. Loved all the lettuce, pickles, thin spread of pâté with each bite. Yums.

The staff forgot about my coffee so had to remind them. All the cups were pre-prepared and one just needed to top it with hot water for it to start dripping.

cà phê sữa nóng

The coffee taste was agreeable. Not too sweet. The temperature after drip was right for drinking. Just need to stir the coffee to get the condensed milk mixed well.

hot coffee with condensed milk


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