Sunday, July 8, 2018

[Media Preview] Super Japan Fest @ Millenia Walk

Super Japan Fest happening on 7 July to 8 July at Millenia Walk. Come join in the fun with the family, as entrance is free!

Highlights include the kids' favourite Pikachu Parade where one gets to see not one, not two but six cute Pikachu live and, what is more fun than Pikachu Parade? Pikachu Meet & Greet, of course! So hug'able these yellow bouncing pika-pikachuuus! Ever watch magic show live before? Japanese Comedic Magician Akira Kimura will keep you entertained, as too with Tambourine Master Gonzo. You'll also get to see fluid Ninja Parkour performance by Superfly Monkey Dragons on both days.

events line-up

Look out for the booths around Level 1 and Level 2 where there are interesting activities to try. For example, the Human Claw Machine. The what? Yes, say that again. You know the claw machine game that's trending in Taiwan? This is the supersized me version. A human gets into the suspended harness and his/her friend will control the joystick to send the person to the spot where prizes are before the person is dropped towards the prize to catch it.

Human Claw Machine

At Level 2, there are Carnival and Arcade games to try. We tried the Carnival games and it was fun! Won a seal soft-toy (I wanted the unicorn though!) and Pokka bottled green-tea too.

let's win a unicorn

Here's a video of the soooo cute dancing Pikachus:

meet & greet

Parkour performance by Superfly Monkey Dragons:

from here to there
mid-air action
phew, safe!

And, there's $10 Food Deals at participating restaurants. The restaurants are YAYOI, Rakuzen, Teppei Syokudo, Tachihara Coffee Pullman Bakery, The Dark Gallery, Kurama Robatayaki & Yoi Sake Bar, Gyu Jin Shabu Shabu & Sukiyaki, Tomi Sushi, Saboten and Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry.

Here are those that we tried for the $10 Food Deals:

The Dark Gallery

Strawberry Matcha Shortcake + Hot Coffee @$10 nett


Chicken Tonkatsu Set @$10++

Kurama Robatayaki & Yoi Sake Bar

Salmon Teriyaki Don, served with daily vegetables @$10++

Thank you Yi Tong and Millenia Walk for the invite. It was fun!


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