Saturday, July 28, 2018

[Keepers Playground Of Infinite Happiness] Come Eat, Shop, Play, Gram @ National Design Centre

Head on down to Keepers Playground Of Infinite Happiness at National Design Centre over these two weekends from 27 to 29 Jul and 3 to 5 Aug 2018 11am to 9pm. Check out the various retail pop-ups from the artisans and craftsmen. Bring your family, friends and money!

Come Play!

National Design Centre is located at 111 Middle Road and within walking distance from Bras Basah MRT. Explore all levels and embark on a journey of discovery. For those that are in the know, head on right up to Level 5.

reminds me of Helix Bridge

If you're a chocolate lover, head right up to Level 3 and meet with the good folks from Fossa Chocolate and Demochoco でもチョコ. Tried the Apple Brandy chocolate from Demochoco and it was good. Tasted like nama chocolate, with Manjari (64%) chocolate blended with Nikka’s Single Cask Hirosaki Apple Brandy (aged 12 years). That brings back memory of Nikka factory visit in 2015.

FOSSA Chocolate

It was kind of interesting to just walk around the area and to discover interesting stuffs along the way.

makerbot 3D printer

born out of a printer

As I was walking down the stairs, something caught my eye as it was looking out of a window. It was one of the ten mini Miuns one could find 'hidden' in National Design Centre.

mini Miun

National Design Centre is also having its Fifty Years of Singapore Design exhibition at Level 1. The exhibition chronicles the development of the Singapore design scene from the early 60s to till date.

Fifty Years of Singapore Design
iconic Singapore Girl kebaya

At Level 1, if you're feeling hungry, there's Tanuki Raw with hearty food. But, it was so crowded, so decided to shop around Kpok @NDC.


Level 1 has many other installations including Funan Playsuite. There's a claw machine and you might win something from there!

Funan v2.0
good luck!

If you feel like having ice-cream, there's ButterKnife Folk with their delicious range of gelato. Hmm, there's an exotic and localized Chicken Rice ice-cream too. Are you game for it? I wanted the Infinite Happiness, but alas, it had eluded me. In plainspeak, it was sold out. So, I got the blueberry cheesecake instead.

Blueberry Cheesecake Gelato @$5

Found another Miun-related item while I was enjoying the cool treat. Quirky and fun.

Miun box
Looking for OOTD spot? There's plenty at NDC.

nice colourful backdrop
magic mushrooms

Only for two weekends to meet your favourite retail pop-ups! See you there.


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