Thursday, July 5, 2018

Cottontail Creamery @ 326 Serangoon Ave 3

Was there on a weekend with Ivan, Alvin, Tiara, Shermaine and Kris. Had some snacks prior to visiting but we still ordered up a storm. Coffee? Of course. The place was busy by the time we dropped by at about 1pm.

view from our table
Love the flowers on the table. It felt warm and homely. Besides coffee and tea, we ordered the smashed avocado, crackling Spanish pork, ham & cheese crepe and waffles with two scoops of ice-cream for dessert.

Make payment at the counter and await for the buzzer to vibrate when the food is ready.

Meanwhile, we sipped coffee, relax and chit-chat. Flat white tasted fine without sugar. The shortbread cookie was lovely too.

flat white @$5

After a short wait, our food arrived. The spanish pork was impressive with the super crispy crackling. It did make a 'kruk-kruk' sound when sliced. Served with creamy mash potato (but it was a tad dry), savoy cabbage & bacon and blackcurrant jam. Super loved the jam! The pork itself was tender at the parts where it had a layer of fats. Yums.

Crackling Spanish Pork @$16.50

Next up, was the ham & cheese savoury crepe. The presentation of this savoury crepe was rather dull and first thought was, "Wow, raw egg!" The crepe was rather Asianish and feels like homemade. Comforting.

savoury crepe with ham & cheese with organic sunny-side up @$8.80

For the healthy, the smashed avocado would be to your liking. In fact, I liked it too! Housemade toasted organic bread, rocket salad, sprouts, organic buttersquash hummus, and preserved lemon. The colour combination made it all so much more appealing! I pinched a chunk off the bread, spread a little blackcurrant jam (from crackling pork), piled high with hummus and avo before topping it with rocket/sprouts. Lovely!

Smashed Avocado @$14.50

For dessert, we had the waffles with two scoops of ice-cream. Actually, the mini-celebration was brought forward way way earlier, as the staff served the dessert first before any of the mains. Ooops!

Happy Birthday Ivan!

Nevertheless, we enjoyed our stay at Cottontail Creamery, with their friendly staff. One could try as many ice-cream flavours including its award winning vanilla before deciding on eventual scoop. There are unique flavours such as IPA beer. The chocolate was good.

waffles with olive oil and chocolate ice-cream @$12.30


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