Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Cornerstone @ Bishan Park 2 | The Entertainer App Singapore

Located at Bishan Park 2, just a short distance from the carpark. Was there on a wet evening. With a few more minutes remaining on Happy Hour (HH), we got ourselves a glass of red (Chilean wine).

Cabernet Sauvignon @$12++ and Merlot @$10++ during HH

Ordered a mushroom risotto and a half BBQ chicken. The risotto was pretty creamy and liked that the grains were adequately cooked. Good to share amongst two pax, otherwise could be quite 'jelak'.

mushroom risotto (vegetarian) @$23++

country style smoked BBQ chicken (half) @$18++

The chicken was quite enjoyable, especially the dark meat portion. Also had an extra order of french fries with 3 dips. Think there were tartar, mayo and one with cheese. But french fries taste better, if eaten with ketchup.

The place is pet friendly and patrons were seen with pet dogs at the al-fresco area.

Expect to spend about $45 per pax. With The Entertainer Singapore App, we saved $18 from our bill.


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