Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bornga @ Star Vista

Last visited in December 2012. Not that my memory is good, but the previous visit was documented in this post. Haha!

Ordered the same thing as previous; Woosamgyup (beef brisket - marinated) and Samgyupsal (pork belly - unmarinated).

ready to grill

One noticeable difference is the hood to suck away the smoke from the grill. This time round, opted for the staff to grill the meat for us.

vegetable platter for BBQ
radish kimchi
sweet and sour kelp soup

Le's bring out the meat and start grilling~

samgyupsal pork belly @$22++
woo samgyup beef brisket @$28++
put 'em on, grill 'em~
Here's a short video:

How about BBQ and beer? Yums.

cold Hite and warm tea
wrap it up with fresh greens

Thanks to the service staff whom helped us grill the meats, it was a rather relaxed lunch.

woo samgyup - tender slices
samgyupsal - chewy

Samgyupsal in Seoul was much much better. Not sure why but the meats here are tougher. Woosamgyup was enjoyable but gone too soon.

End with a bowl of omija.


Expect to spend about $35 per pax.


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