Saturday, December 27, 2014

Antoinette @ Mandarin Gallery Orchard

Located at Level 2 of Mandarin Gallery. One could take the outdoor escalator up or via the lift, which may take forever to arrive.

Was there on a Friday evening, for a late dinner. Food choice was an all-day breakfast of Classic Eggs Florentine, with a cup of Cafe Viennois. Such decadence.


Was actually pretty cold inside especially if it had rained earlier. Brrr~

Classic eggs Florentine @$16.50++
perfectly runny poached egg

Eggs Florentine came with two beautifully poached eggs, drizzled with ample Hollandaise sauce and sitting atop of plenty of salty serrano ham with some wilted spinach (also salty!). Brioche was thick but a tad too browned/burnt?

Cafe Viennois with chantilly cream @$6.80++

Do let the staff know if you prefer the coffee to be served later as by default, they will bring it to the table along with your dinner.

Colleagues ordered some desserts to go along with their tea.

The younger service crew was pretty friendly.

Expect to spend between $20 to $30 for a desserts or for a meal here.


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