Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ichiban Boshi @ Jurong Point

Located at the Shokutsu Ten area, which is at B1 of the shopping mall. Pretty near the bus interchange side. Brought the family there for lunch.

ocha @$1.20++

Both my bro and sis had the Chirashi don. May look small, but had quite a bit of rice in it.

food in a lacquer box
Chirashi don @$15.90++

All of us liked the yellow pickled ginger. Eventually, the bottle had to be refilled.

yummy pickled ginger

Was in the mood for some sushi, so had a plate of Tokusen Aburi Sushi. Liked the fatty fishes and sweet scallop. Prawn was midling and lacked the fresh seafood taste.

Tokusen Aburi Sushi @$19.90++
fatty salmon, tuna., octopus, hamachi, scallops, prawn and unagi
Liked the clear kelp soup that came with the sushi. Tasty.

clear soup (part of sushi set)

Teriyaki don came the last. Smelled great due to sauce caramelization, but as a result, the skin became a tad too tough.

chicken teriyaki don @$10.90++
Ours was a late lunch at 4+ pm. The restaurant was quite big (though not packed since it was way past lunch)  and service was a bit slow.


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