Saturday, December 13, 2014

Spageddies @ JEM

Located at Level 1 of JEM, this restaurant is at the same level as Starbucks. Had a late lunch there. For set lunches, one gets a complimentary cup of coffee/tea and to top up $2++ for soup of the day. Yes, we took the set lunches as there were quite a good choice to select from.

been a few years since I last ate at any Spageddies

fairly empty

Parents and aunt got additional soup, and it turned out to be pumpkin soup. Not bad.

soup of the day - pumpkin soup @$2++ (top up of set lunch)

Though we were the only table left during that hour, the drinks took forever to arrive and in fact, it was forgotten till we reminded.

Allow at least 20 minutes for the food to cook.

fish & chips @$14.90++

Fish & chips looked impressive with its huge slabs of fish. Tried a bite and the fish was firm and nice.

Tenderloin @$15.90++
medium rare

With blood oozing in that manner, am guessing that the beef was still a tad frozen prior to cooking. The Princess Chicken or the Fish & Chips were the better choices.

Princess Chicken @$13.90++

The aglio olio served alongside with the chicken roulade was quite good. Noodles al-dente but not undercooked, evenly tossed and flavourful. The chicken roulade made of thigh meat was tasty and everyone was happy with this, though the meat could be more.

Service was very erratic and raw. The young staff whom we requested to serve the hot drinks, went and came back with two empty cups. Thought she would be back with the tea or something but she ended just loitering around and the tea didn't materialize until we requested the supervisor to check on the whereabouts of the drinks...

nice teapot
Great that the tea came thereafter, but the coffee were still no where to be found. Seemed like no one bothered to check the order ticket? Informed the staff again, and the coffee was served without sugar sachets. Hmm. Perhaps 3pm is the time for the afternoon siesta? Don't bother asking for the milk, just go to the drinks counter and get it yourself. It's faster that way.

Expect to spend less than $20 per pax for a set lunch.


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