Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dian Xiao Er 店小二 @ Lot 1 Choa Chu Kang

Located at B1 of Lot 1 Shopping Mall at Choa Chu Kang. The set menu prices seemed to have gone up, so this time round went ala-carte instead.

Decided to try the scholar-rose wine 状元红. Smells a tad like shaoxing wine (绍兴酒). Could taste a bit of sweetness.

状元红 @$2.60++

Dad's favourite would be the dong po rou (东坡肉). A Hangzhou dish of braised fatty pork belly.

东坡肉 @$13.90++

The taste of chinese five-spice was quite subtle, and the pork belly could've been braised longer.

Healthier choice for mom, so we got sauteed lettuce in oyster sauce, hotplate tofu and fish slices.

sauteed lettuce 耗油西生菜 @$7.90++
hotplate tofu 铁板菜香豆腐 @$11.60++
HK fish slices 港蒸生鱼片 @$11.90++

Ordered all small portions. Adequate for a family of 4 pax. White rice was charged at $1.10++ per bowl, while jasmine tea (refillable) @$1.60++ per cup.

Food was tasty, and service was good. The staff even brought out extra chairs for us to put the bags. Nice.

The meal costs about $66.


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