Saturday, August 16, 2014

Evergreen Laurel Hotel @ Gurney Drive, Penang

Located at 53 Persiaran Gurney, it was about 40 minutes ride from the Penang International Airport. On weekdays evening, expect heavy traffic and it'll take probably 15-20 minutes longer. Taxi fare from airport would be about RM50. There are private cars awaiting passengers and those are cheaper by RM10 although one ought to be careful.

Evergreen is one of the older establishment along that area. Not the best, and not the worst one either. Don't quote me, this was what one of the hotel staff told me. Haha!

Check-in was a breeze and a deposit of RM100 was required, refundable at check-out. However, on the day of my stay, the hotel was experiencing an issue with their airconditioning. "No aircond for the time being till it is fixed." That did dampen the mood of the guests quite a bit!

'premium' king sized bed
desk and sofa area
deluxe sea-facing view

Sunrise was approximately at 713am, so went out the next morning to catch it. Weather was a little hazy.


good morning

The sea is at the opposite side of the hotel, and the pedestrian path was popular with joggers and people out doing their morning walk. It was a Friday that felt like a weekend. Holidays feels so good!

waves rushing onwards
no flowers to smell, so will just watch the birds
slow down and enjoy the view

On days like this, I'd like some dim sum please. Coincidentally, found one about 10 minutes walk from the hotel.

dim sum for breakfast
variety of steamed dim sum
fried stuffs

Did a take-away back to the hotel. Amusingly, the shop doesn't provide any disposable chopsticks as they didn't stock any.

assorted dim sum @RM15
century egg with fish and pork paste
yam puff with char siew

Skip the brinjal and handmade fishballs as brinjal was too hard and fishballs were too mushy. This dim sum shop seemed to fare better with fillings that include pork and prawns, and deep fried. Yam puff was half-half as one tasted good but the other had fillings that tasted bland. But its exterior was well-fried and crispy.


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