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Chinatown Traditional Kitchen 牛车水传统小厨 @ Mosque Street

Located at 28 Mosque Street, near Chinatown MRT. Took bus #851 from workplace and alighted opposite of Hong Lim Complex. Walk towards Chinatown MRT and turn left into Mosque Street. From there, #28 is located at the far end of the road.

shop front

This eating place is flanked by a backpackers inn and a pub. During the night, the atmosphere becomes quite lively. Chef's from Ipoh, and the food here is Chinese zhichar (煮炒), or if one wants 'fast food' there's an economical rice too that one could point and choose those ready sides for their plate of rice.

table for 7 pax

Started off with radish soup (白萝卜汤). Light tasting and had plenty of meat. Those wobbly chunks of collageny goodness!

radish soup with pork @$4

Next was one of their signature dish, the KL Hokkien Thick Noodles with imported thick round noodles.

KL Hokkien Thick Noodles 吉隆坡福建面

One of the things I noticed about my friends whom are from Ipoh, is that they have skin that's fair and lovely. The Hokkien noodles here is also not as dark as their KL-cousin. The combination of sliced meat, cabbage, fishcake and prawns with the authentic round noodles plus topped with lard, offers diners a taste of KL without having to travel all the way there. This dish is best eaten hot, and with sambal belacan. The version of the sambal belacan here is different and more tangy.

sambal belacan

Next up, another signature dish - Salted Egg Yolk Chicken. A portion that's good for 2 - 3 pax, costs $8 only.

Salted Egg Yolk Chicken
moist, juicy, salty

Chicken was well fried, and retained that moist juicyness on its insides. Well coated with plenty of the salted egg yolk. Yums.

Claypot Snowfish, $12 onwards

My favourite dish for the night, was the Claypot Snowfish. If you cna order only one dish to go with the white rice, this would be it. Strongly flavoured yet not overly salty, and fish was amply fried till fragrant before cooking in claypot. Huge chunk of fish that's tender and smooth. This is one tasty dish!

snow fish, upclose

Fried Black Soya Sauce Prawns

The prawns' glaze was finger licking good, as it was both sweet and salty. It just takes abit of effort to peel off the shell.

Pork Belly in Fermented Beancurd
closer view of pork belly

The Butter Fried Fish Fillet is another dish that's a must-order, if you like heavier sauce. The curry leaves gave a nice lift to this dish. Best eaten while it is hot.

Butter Fried Fish Fillet

Also had a chance to sample their version of KL Wanton Mee. Nice mixture of sauces, well tossed and noodles was springy to bite.

KL Wanton Mee

Many thanks to HGW for the invite, and Samantha and Richard for your kind hospitality.

Chinatown Traditional Kitchen

Address: 28 Mosque Street, Singapore 059506
Telephone: 62229700
Opening hours: 8am to 11pm Daily (zhichar is available in the afternoon and evening)


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