Friday, August 8, 2014

Liang Court Signature Food Trail: Nirai Kanai Okinawan Restaurant

Liang Court has just concluded its food trail, in conjunction with the Tanabata Festival celebration. The Liang Court Signature Food Trail coupon was priced at $40, and one can use it to enjoy one fixed set-meal from a specific restaurant as per stated on the coupon. For the next 2 set meals, diners are free to choose from any of the participating restaurants. Plus, one of the coupon can be used to redeem a free drink from Thirsty Beer, and the other a quick bite from selected shops.

So, took the opportunity to try Nirai Kanai at B1 of Liang Court. Restaurant was quite busy on a weekday evening.

tables outside of the restaurant
Orion draft beer @$8.90++

Had the braised pork belly rice set. It consists of seaweed soup, braised pork, some vege with tamago and tofu.

braised pork belly rice set
closer view

The sauce was noticeably sweet. Pork was tender and the egg was really nice. The green vege tasted like 帝皇苗 or ceylon spinach.

lava egg!

The texture of tofu was pretty dense, so that tasted quite unique. Tofu was sitting on a slightly thicker savoury sweet sauce.

savoury tofu with a pinch of minced ginger


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