Wednesday, August 13, 2014

RamenPlay @ Novena Square Part II

First time trying the ramen at RamenPlay. Surprise surprise! Haha, that's because on earlier visits, I was ordering the Chashu Donburi.

Colleague ordered the Butariki Ishinabe, which was served hot stone style. This stone pot rice smelled delicious! All of us were enviously staring at it while awaiting for our items to arrive. Too bad the raw egg was broken when it arrived. Otherwise, would've made a prettier picture.

stone pot rice with pork slices, topped with raw egg

Meanwhile, we munched on gyoza. It was just alright.

gyoza (5 pieces)
while waiting, let's look at the picture

Lunch was a busy affair for this place. At times, chaotic too. The table next to ours, had one rice dish missing while his partner was already about to finish hers. Little did I know, I was about to experience the same.

My colleagues had finished more than half of theirs when mine came (after one reminder too).

toroniku uoboshi tonkotsu ramen (3 pieces) @$11.80++

Luckily, the Toroniku Uoboshi Tonkotsu Ramen was very likeable. Pork cheeks were tender and had a smokey flavour. Felt that these lent some character to the overall taste. Enjoyed the lava egg with its tasty yolk too.

Here is the link to earlier visit.


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