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New Lane Hawker Centre @ Lorong Baru, Georgetown Penang

This hawker centre is located like a minute's walk to Sunway Hotel in Georgetown. Was staying at Glow Macalister Road, and to get to New Lane from Glow, is approximately ten minutes walk along the same side of the hotel. Yay to no road crossing!

New Lane, stalls getting ready

New Lane Hawker Centre or rather hawker street is actually a collection of smaller stalls selling various street food that converges daily after 3+pm. Numerous stalls would lining up along the road and some would be ready for business at about 4+. By 6pm, this place would come alive with wok sizzling, customers placing orders, chefs busy dishing up their wares and vehicles trying to squeeze in and out of this small lane.

New Lane Hawker Street

Over a span of 2 nights, I've managed to try a few stalls from this makan area. Street food hunt.

seafood char koay kak

For the uninitiated, seafood char koay kak's taste is akin to char kway teow plus fried carrot cake. Instead of radish, koay kak is normally rice flour. Lots of chai po and garlic was fried and thus, it was very fragrant. This stall was rather generous with the amount of dough too.

char koay kak takeaway @RM$5
it should be renamed as prawn char koay kak instead

Still preferred fried carrot cake's taste though. Not used to the rice flour cake's taste here, though the rest of the ingredients were actually very fragrant. Prawns were unfortunately overfried too.

There are stalls located within the coffeeshop too. Tried the roasted chicken wing that many has blogged about. Minimum order is 2 pieces and each piece goes for RM$2.20. Drumstick (more apt to call it chicken thigh) is RM$6 per piece.

roasted chicken wings & drumsticks
roasted wings - takeaway

Liked the wings here better than the one I tried at a coffeeshop in Gurney Drive, near Evergreen Laurel Hotel. The chili sauce here was green in colour and the wings were glazed with sweet sauce. Drumstick looked good too.

Outside the same coffeeshop, there is a stall selling congee. To be precise, it sells 猪肠粥 or chee cheong jook (in cantonese) or pig intestine congee. Hmm, but its chinese sign says it sells pig mixed parts congee. Also can lah... Not sure if the boss had retired or not but the stall was manned by two foreign workers.

pig intestine congee stall

Had the congee inside the coffeeshop. For this privilege, one need to order at least 1 drink from the coffeeshop.

chee cheong chook - RM6.50

It was one, glorious bowl of congee. Liked it very much. Loaded with ingredients - stomach, shang cheong (生肠), meat, deep fried intestine, liver and char siew. I think it'll taste much better without the sweet char siew. Less sweet and more savoury would be good. Congee was smooth, just how a good Cantonese porridge texture should be. Recommended. Just tell the guy you want everything inclusive of the deep fried intestine. Yummeh!

Along New Lane, one will find a loh bak stall. Not the ones within the coffeeshop but the one outside.

loh bak 卤肉
closer view

Penang Loh Bak is actually a myriad of deep fried items, usually fried upon order. For first timer who can't decide, just let the stall owner know that it's for one pax and she'll pick something for you. Tried this twice and the common items that she puts in there were loh bak (meat roll), prawn fritters, fish ball and tofu. Felt that it was value for money as the pack had 5 items for RM$5. Liked the sauces too. The gooey brown sauce and the sweet chili sauce with peanuts. Dipped into both for maximum taste! Liked this loh bak so much I had it twice during my 2 nights stay at Glow Hotel Macalister Road.

loh bak @RM$5


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