Thursday, August 14, 2014

Manbok 만복 Chinatown Korean BBQ & Steamboat Buffet Restaurant @ Chinatown

Was invited to try Manbok, located at 279 New Bridge Road. Took bus #143 and alighted after Chinatown Point. At the bus stop, turn right and walk along the pathway. Its name Manbok 만복 can be translated as 万福.

korean buffet, 가자 !

Buffet is priced at $29++ for dinner, with free beer promo for each diner if you come in groups of 4.

table for 4 pax, with grill plate, smoke suction and small stove for steamboat

Here are some pictures of the BBQ and steamboat ingredients.

ingredients for budae jigae (army stew or steamboat items section)
seafood items (clams, mussels, prawns, squid)
meat galore~
free flow soft-drinks

The uncooked meat section was interesting. First time seeing beef brisket and beef plate in this section.

first plate - brisket, short-ribs, marinated pork collar and pork belly
pork belly and short-ribs in progress

The beef short-ribs were well marinated, though a tad sweet. Nice to chew on.

kimchi to break the monotony

While waiting for the meat to grill, one could also enjoy the cooked food that's quite well prepared by their Korean chef. Fried chicken wings? Oh, yes.

sweet sauce coated fried chicken wings
fried rice
kimchi pajeon

The fried rice has just abit of heat to spice it up, very zhichar styled and loaded with small shrimps. Had it while it was still hot. Yums. Chicken wings were fried till outer skin was crispy, and coated with sweet sauce. As usual, am biased towards chicken wings. The tiny-cut kimchi pancake was likeable too.

one plate is never enough
Korean beer

The cooked food section may see its selection changes on a monthly basis. According to the restaurant owner, this is to give diners something new to look forward to during their subsequent visits.

spicy seafood stew
more meat, please

Bottled makgeolli is available and it's really easy to drink. Big bites of grilled meat, and big gulp of makgeolli!

big sips of korean rice wine 막걸리

eat, drink and be merry

If one had a bottle too many, a pot of budae jigae may help to settle the tummy a little. The soup was a light clam-based stock, available in a plastic jug to do a self-service top-up at your own table. Add own guestimate of pepper paste to the steamboat pot, and the usuals for budae jigae: spam, sausages, instant noodles, cabbage, mushrooms etc.

gently slide in raw egg onto the army stew
voila~ steaming hot pot of budae jigae

For desserts, there's fruits and mini ice-cream tubs.

icy cold choco ending

Overall, pretty good value for money especially the *free beer promo. Adequate selection of cooked food with some choice items, and since it's a buffet, one could eat as much meat that they can. I'd pick the marinated pork collar, pork belly and beef short-ribs.

Thank you HGW for the invite and Mr Tan, for hosting us.

Manbok Chinatown Korean BBQ & Steamboat Buffet Restaurant

Location: 279, North Bridge Road, Singapore 088752
Contact No. : 6557 0939


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