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Mad Nest @ East Coast Road

Located at 378/380 East Coast Road, and accessible via bus #14 (if taking public transportation). If coming from west side, then one will pass by Katong 112, Roxy Square and Holy Family Church. For bus riders, alight after the church. There's a Caltex opposite the restaurant. Limited parking is available in front of the shop.

sushi chef
art pieces on the wall

My friend made reservations but we had a little trouble after that when our party started arriving at the restaurant. A small hiccup but we got our table nonetheless. The indoor dining area was quite spacious with lots of art pieces adorning its walls for diners to admire.

menu & cutlery


plate and cutlery
rounded corners

We ordered plenty for our party of four. Went mad for food and drinks. Wheee~ Happy hours are until 8pm, so we got ourselves two jugs of Stella (HH:$25+,  R:$28+). Iced water is served freely upon request.

nice to see you again, Stella

Sashimi Moriawase San Shu (@$18+) was the first item to land on our table and subsequently in our bellies. The wasabi was a little dried out though.

sashimi moriawase san shu (3 types); salmon, mekajiki and maguro
firm and juicy swordfish

Next, was the Oishii Maki. Was our first time ever having Oiishi Maki though I've heard of its existance elsewhere on the island. The version here was very tasty. The softness of grilled savoury eel, the butteriness of avocado and the tiny salty bursts of fish roe that's rounded off by creamy mayo. Yums.

Oishii Maki
grilled eel and roasted salmon, served with avocado and homemade mayo sauce
one tiny morsel of oiishiness

Next up, from the hot tapas section: fries. Old Bay Frites to be exact. Its accompanying aioli dip was ultra garlicky and its a must dip for the fries! Otherwise, those spuds tasted just like regular ones.

Old Bay Frites
of salty spices and shaved parmesan

aioli dip

Then, the Mad Nest Wings flew in.

Mad Nest Wings
gorgeous tasty wings

The chicken wings were good enough on its own. Tasty and well marinated. Enjoyable with the cold beer.

yum yum drumlet

For main courses, my friends ordered Chili Crab pasta (@$21+), described under Italian-Asian section  and  The Mad Breakfast (@$20+), under the All-Day Brunch menu.

Chili Crab
crabmeat sauce and soft-shell crab
crab meat sauce infused with rojak flower and chilies

With the Chili Crab moniker, the tastebud was actually expecting flavours like the well-known chili crab that we're so used to. But the sauce here, has a refreshing taste to it, probably thanks to the rojak flower that has a fragrance similar to laksa leaves. The sauce was rich but not overly so. However, the soft shell crab has absorbed much oil in it.

The Mad Breakfast plate was pretty with nice colours. My friend gave us sampling portion of her breakfast for us to try.

The Mad Breakfast
chicken sausages, scrambled eggs, brioche, bacon, roasted tomato, wilted spinach
roasted tomato

If you like lean sausages with stronger flavours, then this chicken sausage might be the one for you. Personally I'd prefer 'em juicy and bouncy. Didn't like the bacon because of its tough texture. Personal preference is to have the bacon either still soft and tender or very crispy. No in betweens for me.

The bread. Really liked the brioche. Really. Yummms. It has a tinge of smokiness to it, with a light and airy texture. My friend commented that the eggs need a little more seasoning. I thought the mild flavour of the eggs was adequate.

yummy brioche!

All four of us felt seriously full after the breakfast. Wow, come to think of it, we've had six courses of food! My friend who doesn't drink beer, ordered a latte.

latte with cute biscuit hanging on

Adjourned to outdoor seats to chill, and got ourselves some more drinks.

weekday set meal if interested
outdoor seats

Another friend came by around midnight and she ordered calamari rings and a beer. They have Stella and Hoegaarden on tap.

calamari rings with wasabi mayo dip
closer view of calamari rings

Personally, I'd still prefer the chicken wings.

Service was efficient and sometimes too eager. We had a polite one who served us food, and he always finishes with a little flourish and says, "Enjoy~". Everytime, without fail. Puts a smile to our faces.

The service crew was also pretty quick to come by to top up our beer glasses as soon as it was half full. Just that one of them need further training in beer pouring, as he filled half the glass with foam instead. But am still impressed that they put in effort to take care of their diners. Kudos to the team.

We spent about $59 per pax (based on four pax calc.) for this meal. Note that there's no GST charge here. The 10% service charge is applicable.

Mad Nest online menu can be found here.


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