Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Corner Place Korean BBQ @ Marina Square

Located at Level 4 of Marina Square, just right beside the food court. To tell you the truth, didn't really know that Marina Square has a food court! Seldom go up to there...

shop entrance

Been wanting to try bbq beef galbi, so it was just nice that makan kaki suggested having Korean BBQ for dinner one day.

The selection of meats included beef bulgogi, marinated galbi and unmarinated beef slices, marinated chicken (looked like breast meat slices), unmarinated pork collar and pork belly, sausages and squid.

raw galbi, beef slices and marinated beef and chicken at the back
getting started

The vegetables included kimchi cabbage, radish kimchi, cucumber and spring onions, fresh lettuces, coleslaw and tomatoes. There were fruits such as sliced watermelon and oranges.

from bottom to top: bean paste sauce, japchae, radish kimchi, cabbage kimchi
For carbs, diners can help themselves to the rice in the rice cooker. Right beside the rice, there's another pot for miso soup.

For drinks (included in buffet), they have cherry juice (something that looked reddish), barley, lemon tea and iced water. There are other drinks in the fridge (including beer and soju) that are charged separately.

after first round of cooking

Enjoyed the meat by wrapping it with lettuce with kimchi and bean paste sauce. Would've liked it more if there were chilies or garlic slices around for that extra oomph.

meat, kimchi and lettuce

The beef galbi is actually quite chewy. So, probably it's wiser to cut it into smaller slices using the meat scissors, otherwise risk getting it stuck in the throat.

Next up, samgyeopsal (pork belly).

from top: pork collar, pork belly

Liked the fatty belly sizzling on the hot plate. The plate is slanted so the oil drips down.

slanting plate

BBQ'ing the pork belly was quite fun.

almost finish
just need to char it a little
ready to eat!

Think we polished about three plates of lettuces along with the meats.

fresh crisp lettuce
dab some bean paste sauce
make a wrap and enjoy

The japchae, made from sweet potato noodles (known as dangmyeon, 당면) was very tasty. Enjoyable because of its chewy texture and it actually tasted like fried noodles. A tad salty but still favourable.


The restaurant also offers cooked items such as jeon and kimchi fried rice. They didn't serve out the cooked items to the buffet table, so went up to the chef at the cooking station and requested to sample the mini pancakes and fried rice.

jeon and fried rice (hidden beneath the crackers)
left to right: original jeon and kimchi jeon
kimchi fried rice

The mini pancakes and fried rice were nice alternatives to plain rice carbs. The service crew cleared the plates on a regular interval, and they'll help to change the gas or the aluminium foil upon request.

This meal costs about $24 per pax.


  1. Very creative with your photos. Always wonder how you can make such simple things look so nice.

  2. Went last week, and its pleasing to see that they are attentive to change the aluminium foil once it is charred.

    Enjoyed their bbq meat!!



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