Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro @ Hillcrest Park, Bukit Timah

Visited on a weekend evening and it was crowded. Waited 15 minutes before we could get a table. Was seated outdoors and lighting was dim at best. The menu was kind of big in size so it was clumsy on a small table.

big menu

We wanted the House Fish & Chips but was told that it was not available (sold out, perhaps). Probably too late at 820pm. The person who took our orders said, the closest thing to fish & chips (and still available), was the Trawler Catch of the Day (@$29.95++) of either John Dory or Gurnard. My friend chose the Gurnard fish.

Besides that, we also had the lobster bisque as well as the Marinara Linguini.

The soup came first, rather quickly as well. Haven't had much experience with lobster bisque, so can't really compare. The version here tasted flavourful, and warm.

lobster bisque (@$13.95++)

We were almost done with the soup when two small breads appeared. Hmm. Well, better late than never!

soft insides

The bread had a hard outer crust but inside was surprisingly soft. Tasty with the olive oil and balsamic vinegar. We were still munching on the bread when the mains arrived. The pasta portion was generous.

Marinara Linguini (@$24.95++)
prawns, calamari, mussels and clams

Lots of seafood in this dish. Mussels and prawns were fairly large. The calamari was in abundance! Yum. Although the menu marked this dish as spicy, it was rather mild. In fact, it didn't taste spicy at all. Just tangy. But sadly, the small clams had sand in them. Yikes.

Didn't manage to take the picture of the original plating of the fish & chips. Too eager to dig in. Here's the half portion:

Fish & Chips (Gurnard)
firm flesh

This was my first time eating an unknown fish. Do you know what's a Gurnard or how it looks like? Nuh uh, do it without googling! Hahaa. Seen the pictures of a gurnard? Scary, aren't they?

Thankfully, it tasted pretty normal. Though not in particularly flavourful.  Its flesh was rather firm. Enjoyed the accompanying greens and the chips. The greens with vinaigrette was nice. The chips was fried just right too. 

The food costs about $81 in total, and fed 2 pax. Cold water is served in a bottle to the table, and diners are free to help themselves to it.

During peak period, waiting for the right personnel to attend to specific tasks, is unavoidable. Valet parking is available too.

Their online menu can be viewed from their website.


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