Sunday, September 23, 2012

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe @ Yew Tee Point

Located at Level 1 of Yew Tee Point. Had visited this cafe about thrice, and each time, service is left wanting. Seems like they may be lacking of manpower, as we only saw two staff working the floor.


Mom and sis shared a plate and they ordered breakfast (though we were there for lunch).

breakfast set
wobbly eggs and not very cooked whites, overcooked ham at the back

Note that the sunny side up eggs were somewhat burnt at the bottom, while certain parts of its white appeared to be still quite raw. Ham slices were overcooked and quite oily.

mango pomelo sago with ice-cream
supersized sago?

The dessert was quite nice to have on a hot day. Icy cold, with tiny sweet mango cubes. The pomelo flesh was a little sour-bitter and gave a good contrast to the sweetness. The sago tasted quite flat though.

20 minutes had lapsed since our first dish and the kitchen have yet to send out the two remaining main courses to our table. Luckily, the dishes did materialize after just one reminder.

chicken cutlet with black pepper sauce

Dad's chicken cutlet with black pepper sauce dish came with fries, baked beans, a sunny side up egg (thankfully no burnt bottom), and a slice of cucumber and a slice of tomato for garnishing. The chicken was kind of hard to cut with the butter knife but it tasted quite acceptable.

My brother had the cheese baked rice.

flag that states the dish contained pork
rice looked a bit too dry
tangy tomato sauce

The cheese baked rice was indeed a little too dry but it tasted quite good when smeared with ample tomato sauce and a huge dollop of gooey cheese. The pork chop meat was not too tough nor was it too soft. Would've expected this to be piping hot but it wasn't. Guess someone had left it out for too long before we reminded them to serve us our food? Hmm.

6 pieces of prawn twisters
complimentary dish for min. spend above $30 (Stanchart credit card promo)
there's a real prawn inside!

The meal costs about $45 (inclusive of 3 drinks that wasn't shown in the pictures) and good for 5 pax of not very hungry people.


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