Friday, September 14, 2012

Ootoya @ Orchard Central (Part II)

Went to Ootoya for a weekday dinner. Made reservations over the phone and was informed that the latest time that can be reserved is till 7pm only.

Arrived at 7+pm, and the inner tables were already full. Only the outside tables were empty and the tatami communal dining area was half-full. We were seated at the tatami communal dining area. Looks like dinner starts early at Ootoya!

wet towel (complimentary)
green tea @ $1++ per pax
 Our food orders; Tori Salad and Torikuzoru sets.

Tori Salad set (rice changed to Hijiki, add $1.25++)
Torikuzoru set
closer view of Torikuzoru

Ootoya does strong flavoured (means it could get really salty) wholesome meal. The Torikuzoru is essentially sweet and sour deep fried chicken. Liked that the chicken was tender, well fried and coated with shiny tasty sauce.

The bento sets include small side dish (usually pickles), miso soup and rice. One can opt to customize/change the rice by topping up the value. Amongst the options were brown rice (but was sold out that night by 720pm), white rice with hijiki (with seaweed), or with tororo (grated yam), or with baby sardines.

white rice with hijiki

The rice added with hijiki was yummy. Soft, slightly sticky rice well infused with seaweed shreds and plum. However, there are some concerns with regards to hijiki consumption, so you may want to read more about hijiki (info from wikipedia).

miso with beancurd skin, radish, carrots and chicken
blanched vege, mushroom and beancurd skin
pickles (?)

The two small side dishes were, well, not as per expectation. The pickled vege (small carrot sticks and chopped greens) tasted like they were just fished out of salt water. Hmm, not the usual style for tsukemono! The simmered dish (nimono) fared no better. That's an understatement. Vegetables like spinach, can't really be simmered, can they? Would've much prefered the traditional tsukemono of simple pickled cucumber, or the nimono of radish.

Luckily, the mains did not dissappoint.

beautiful succulent and charred chicken
heavily sauced (salt alert!)
huge amount of greens and julienned spring onions
hard boiled egg

The char grilled chicken was good. Tender, and nicely charred skin. Huge amount of vege and lots of sauce at the bottom pile. Salty but good.

There's a promotion for UOB cards: 15% discount off the meal. We paid about $40 (after discount) for two pax.

Here's the link to first post.


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