Friday, September 28, 2012

Boon Lay Raja @ Jurong East

Located at Level 2, Blk 135 Jurong Gateway Road. From the Jurong East MRT station, walk towards NTUC Fairprice across the road and turn left, round the corner to go behind the outlet and you'll find the stairs/lift leading towards the restaurant.

The restaurant decoration is quite old school Chinese restaurant style. Think Chinese banquet table settings.


Have eaten here a couple of times for casual family dinners. The friendly male service staff will recommend the portions based on the dining group size.

chinese tea

One of the items that we'd usually order, was the roast chicken.

roast chicken (half)
pickled vegetables (酸菜)
thin crispy skin
flavoured salt for roast chicken
chili sauce (spicy but salty)

Unfortunately, the standard of roast chicken had dropped. The breast meat was hard and dry.

claypot tofu (small)

The claypot tofu with bits of roast pork was served piping hot. However, the sauce became too thick as it continued to cook under the flames.

furong egg
browned egg
at its thickest part

The furong eggs omelette came looking a tad too burnt. However, it was quite tasty with squids, onions and bits of meat in it. My dad enjoyed this the most.

The luo han vegetables was the plate that almost didn't come. It was only served when we were almost finished with our meal. Crunchy vegetables and a plate of chockful of ingredients. Liked this dish.

luo han zhai vegetables (small)
shitake mushrooms, button mushrooms, white and black fungus, baby corn, broccolli, beancurd skin
nice crunchy greens

The gripe for the night was the time taken for the dishes to be served. There was an interval of 20 minutes lapse between first dish and the last dish, and there wasn't even a crowd on a weekday. There was also a lapse in service when we had two dishes sitting on the table getting cold and had to remind them to serve us the rice.

Overall, this is a no frills fuss free airconditioned place, with reasonable price. This meal costs about $50 and it fed five pax.


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