Tuesday, August 28, 2012

TCC @ The Pier, Robertson Quay

Located at 80 Mohamed Sultan Road, this place is not hard to find...once I get my bearings right. Direction is never my forte. Seems like its menu has been revamped, so it looked different and there are a couple of new items in it. Sat at the alfresco area and its chair was damp from the rain earlier. Indoor seats looked nice and there are some wicker egg hanging chairs too. How cool is that!


Tried the Toffee Choc Espresso and it came looking quite petite, served in espresso cup. Small sips of it was actually quite yummy. Sweet from toffee and bitter from the sprinkled choco powder. Nice and serving size just right. If its volume was any larger, then the sweetness would've been too cloying to handle.

toffee choc espresso

For food, tried the Prawn Cheese-a-toast. Smallish two-bite appetisers that was plated quite prettily. The prawn paste flavour was quite mild and has a bouncy texture. The mayo sauce lent an extra savoury depth to the dish while the egg roes undertook a more decorative purpose.

prawn cheese-a-toast @$10.50++
caviar on toast
pretty looking morsel

My friend had the Melon & Mangosteen tea. Sounds exotic, yes? Has a very nice strong sweet fruity fragrance but taste wise, it was rather flat.

melon & mangosteen tea @$9++

Feeling somewhat peckish, we ordered a Deluxe Snack Platter that consist of all things fried. Not a very health conscious choice too. And come to think of it, all our food that night was fried! Argh, hahaha!

deluxe snack platter (onion rings, squid rings, mozarella sticks and some rocket leaves)

The sauce that accompanied the platter was interesting. Tasted like plum. Goes well with most of the stuffs except squid rings.

This place serves iced-water upon request and our request to top up the hot water for the tea was acceeded with a smile. No issue here.

There was a 15% discount for payment via Citibank or DBS/POSB credit cards. This meal costs about $49 (after discount).


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