Sunday, August 12, 2012

DONQ @ Takashimaya

Located at B2 of Takashimaya, this bakery is nestled deeper inside the food hall. Its latest offering, Mini One, is located nearer to the entrance/exit.

Went there at about noon time on a weekend and there wasn't a queue. Bought home a Tart Bresson Fruit and a Colonnade (Choco).

nice plastic bag
Tart Bresson Fruit @$2.80
Colonnade (Choco) @$2

Liked the Tart Bresson. It's sweet and tangy.

topped with sweet cherries, raspberries, cheese and sprinkling of sugar dust
slighly chewy pancake-like airy crust

The Colonnade Choco was nicely filled with ample chocolate cream that's not too sweet. Would've better if the bread texture is slightly more airy and fluffy.

I forgot that at most Japanese establishment, the cash for payment should be placed onto the tray at the cashier. Hee. The girl at the cashier placed the $10 that I gave her onto the tray, but she handed the return back to me as per norm. Hahaa, is this what we called meet halfway?


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