Tuesday, August 7, 2012

BLooiE's Roadhouse @ The Rail Mall, Upper Bukit Timah Road

Somehow, always doesn't seem to be able to make it here for Happy Hour (till 8pm). Usually we'd get a jug of Stella but was told that they no longer serve Stella in jug, so got ourselves a pint of Erdinger.

a pint of Erdinger @$15++ (non-Happy hour price)

Watched with fascination as the bubbles kept moving upwards in the glass...

oh oh...
Then, it started to foam over...

maybe this glass could be an example of how not to pull your beer?

Ok, so much for the bubble show. Ordered a plate of jumbo sausages and deep fried calamari's to fill up the tummies.

deep fried calamari @$12.80++
with mayo

The squid rings were limp at best and not that fresh, and the menu said it's coated with house 'secret' coating. Well, the coating did nothing to enhance the taste unfortunately. Having tried their chicken wings on separate occassions, I'd say that would be a safer choice.

For the jumbo sausages, it looked better than the dissappointing calamaris. The fries were just alright, not in particularly tasty. Required chili sauce for taste enhancement.

jumbo sausages (beef, pork and chicken cheese) @$18.80++
chicken cheese (best tasting and texture)
probably pork
likely beef

Liked the chicken cheese sausage best for texture and taste. Bouncy. The beef sausage tasted as though as it was boiled for too long. The pork sausage was quite hard to bite. Tough one. Liked the side serving of the vinegared onion shreds. Think it had a mix of mango shreds in it. Tangy.

vinegared onions


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