Monday, August 20, 2012

Sun Moulin @ Isetan Scotts (Shaw House)

Was nearby at Isetan supermarket, so decided to head over to this bakery to grab some carbs home.

(from right, counter clockwise) cheddar scone, cheese bread and okinawan cake

okinawan cake @$2.80

This brown coloured okinawan cake reminds me of the local Malay cake (马来糕 or malai gao). It was rather huge and tasted like 发糕 (fatt gao or steamed rice cake). Best eaten with a cup of coffee, otherwise a tad too dry (and a bit too much) to finish on its own.

has a cake plus kueh texture

The cheddar scone may look smallish but it is adequate as a simple breakfast. Its texture is actually a cross between scone and cheese bread. The cheese is not as pronounced as anticipated. Toasting it brings out the cheese smell.

cheddar scone @$1.40
with cheesey bits layered in

The 'cheese bread' (actually I had forgotten what's the actual name for this, so let's just call this cheese bread) was bought on a whim. Was probably thinking of having it with soup or something.

cheese bread @$2.20
ooh, didn't know it has a cheese cube in it~

Decided to margerine up the bread, and toast it with ham ends and cherry tomatoes. The bread was nicely soaky and has a slight chewy texture. Should do well in mopping up sauce or soups.

bread for lunch
slightly chewy bread


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