Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sashimi House SAKURAYA @ Anchorpoint (Part III)

This is one place that my colleague and I would always visit during weekday lunch when we want to eat good value bara chirashi.

As usual, the appetiser and green tea were served right after the orders were taken. The green tea and appetiser are non-chargeable (無料).

cold appetiser
carrot, seaweed, egg shreds and glass noodles in vinegar mix
green tea

Placed an extra side order for hamachi sashimi. Service was good and though we were seated at a remote area, the service staff do come by every so often to refill our tea.

hamachi sashimi (ala-carte)
fresh yellowtail slices
small saucer for sashimi dipping

They were running busy that day, so the main dish only came after a 20 minutes wait, but it's well worthed it. Colourful cubes of tamago, maguro, sake, hamachi, crabstick and bits of cooked ebi on a bed of lightly vinegared rice.

bara chirashi served with miso soup, pickles and watermelon slices
yummy, colourful cubes
can't wait, いただきます!

Each mouthful was a joy. If only the bara chirashi includes some ikura (fish roe) then this would be a dream to savour. Sometimes when I got too generous with the wasabi, the warm miso would be a good reprieve.

miso soup
tofu and seaweed

If the rice seemed never-ending at times, a bite or two of the pickled radish would be able to reset the taste buds for the next round.

yummy pickles
that's a bit of nori peeking out

It was a really satisfying meal. Who needs dinner when one had lunch like this?

There was this piece of shiso (perilla) leaf from the sashimi plate. So made my own chirashi shiso wrap and it tasted good. Heehee!

pretty, yes?

The meal costs about $53 and good for two pax. There's also a 'point' card that one can accumulate points.

dine and accumulate chops
25 stamps is no mean feat!


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