Friday, August 10, 2012

Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice @ Novena Ville

Novena Ville, yup, this is the place that was sold en bloc mid this year. Not sure what are its redevelopment plans so my friend suggested that we should go and eat at this chicken rice place while it's still there. Hmm.. but Wee Nam Kee is everywhere... Anyhow, this shop is usually crowded but recently the crowds seemed to favour Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ more.

shop front
chargeable wet towels

The waitress will come by to take the orders. Our group of 5 pax ordered half-half roast chicken and steamed chicken, a small plate of mixed internal organs, small sambal kangkong and a tofu hotplate to share.

barley cold

Service was pretty fast. The soup and drinks came first, then the rest of the stuffs followed.

default soup for chicken rice
tasted like corn and chicken bones soup
kangkong, tofu hotplate and chicken

The guy in our group, liked the kangkong alot. It was less spicy than anticipated, actually.

kangkong (small)
yummy chicken

Liked the roasted chicken more than the steamed version. The breast meat for the steamed chicken would be nice if it was a little bit more tender and smooth. Beware of the skins though, it was quite salty!

How about the rice? Hmm, noted that the colour of the chicken rice here looked somewhat different here as compared to other chicken rice shops. Taste wise, it was alright and not too oily.

roasted chicken
ginger for steamed chicken
steamed chicken breast

We didn't get the mixed part, so got the cashier to take it out of the bill. Total bill came up to $49+.


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