Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sho Teppan @ ION Orchard

Located at B3 of ION Orchard, this place was not crowded during weekday lunch hour. There was a 1-for-1 main course promotion for AMEX, so we took advantage of that.

counter where staff cooked teppanyaki and/or made lemon tea

sauces for sukiyaki and teppanyaki

pictures of diners adorning this part of the wall

We were seated at the far end of the shop, and they gave us the booth seat. Nice. We had a view of the kitchen counter top. I think they were making lemon tea in that steel pot. Spied that they took out many many bags of tea from that pot before adding loads of sugar into it.

The main dishes here are either hotpot (sukiyaki/shabu shabu) and teppanyaki. For teppanyaki, you can opt to have the staff cook the meat for you or DIY. We ordered the wagyu beef shabu shabu and wagyu beef teppanyaki (DIY). That's the most extravagant main course at $21.90++. They have kurobuta pork, chicken, scallop and seafood as well with prices ranging from $15++ onwards.

Most of the sets come with rice and salad, while the teppanyaki will get a bowl of miso soup as well. The hotpot and teppanyaki are cooked via induction cooker at your tabletop.



The hotpot has the usual vegetables, golden mushroom, tofu, one shitake mushroom and negligible amount of japanese tang hoon. The teppanyaki has loads of onions and sliced shitake mushroom with julienned carrots.


teppanyaki sauce, use the wooden ladle to move the meat around in the pan

The teppanyaki beef was slightly overcooked because the meat was still left in the pan after the heat was turned off.

wagyu teppanyaki

beef with onions and mushroom, on rice

The service staff forgot to bring the meat for the shabu shabu until we reminded them to do so.

wagyu beef, with not so much marbling
pick up a slice of meat, hold it using chopstick, then immerse it into the boiling soup while saying, "Shabu...shabu...." repeat about 3 times

The shabu shabu'ed meat was much more tender because I took it out just when it was about to turn from pink to cooked. However, the sukiyaki sauce was slightly too salty for my liking. Preferred the teppanyaki sauce plus the sesame sauce that came together with the shabu shabu set.

We paid $19 (inclusive of taxes and a drink) per pax.


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