Monday, June 6, 2011

SoHo7 Cafe & Bistro @ 36 Armenian Street

Located at 36 Armenian Street, this place is very near the Peranakan Museum. That is, if you know where is the Peranakan Museum located in the first place. Somewhere near Fort Canning, Hill Street and SMU. For those who are driving, there is an open space carpark nearby.

It was raining cats and dogs on the day of visit. This place is small and cosy. Not too many tables and can get rather packed at midday. Even the kitchen looked compact.

coffee counter and kitchen view

As it was brunch time, my friend ordered the eggs benedict and I followed suit with a tassie eggs benedict. Basically both plates have spinach, some dou miao, two poached eggs, two small squares of bread, and half a baked tomato. The only difference is that default eggs benedict have ham slices while mine has the smoked salmon.

For drinks, I had an espresso macchiato and later on, a latte while my friend had tea. The espresso macchiato was foamy and not too bitter.

espresso macchiato

tassie egg benedict

egg benedict

Our orders arrived in good speed. Was certainly 'eggcited' to start eating!

looked at the beautiful poached egg

yummy yellow bread

smoked salmon

tomato drizzled with sauce

The poached egg ooozes with runny yolk, which we mopped up using the yummy bread squares. But the bread was a little too tiny, not enough!

perfectly runny yolk!

However, we could taste the vinegar on the poached eggs. Maybe more hollandaise sauce would be better or less vinegar when cooking the eggs?

For desserts, we had the fruity berry stacked pancakes. It arrived looking quite pretty!

fruity berry pancakes with maple syrup, chantilly cream and cinnamon sugar dusting

What's a Chantilly cream? Fancy sounding sweetened whipped cream apparently.

chantilly cream on the side

The berries were quite sour mostly, so we really needed all the syrup, cream and sugar dustings!

fluffy pancakes
maybe it was the rainy day, but I think the latte art in my cup looked like a teru teru bozu (てるてるぼうず)

Service was efficient and friendly, plus they do serve hot water here (and iced water too, if you like). The total bill came up to about $42 for 2 pax.


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