Friday, June 24, 2011

Canton-I @ ION Orchard

Located at Level 3 of ION Orchard. This restaurant has a seemingly small entrance, but once inside, the space was quite adequate. At 730pm, the restaurant was bustling. As we had made prior reservations, we were led to our table fairly quickly.

Quite liked the overall decor and feel of the restaurant. It has a certain charm to it. The style and colour of the establishment may feel slightly feminine (think white, pink tones and flowery motifs etc).

restaurant interior

colourful linings on the wall

Tidbits in the form of peanuts (chargeable) was served upon being seated.

table setting
chinese motifs on the plates

Plain water here is chargeable @ $1, while Chinese tea may set you back by $4. Just take note so there won't be any surprises later on.

Wanted to try the char siew but it was sold out by then. So we opted for the 3-meat combo of duck, roasted pork and soya chicken. The 2-meat combo doesn't allow for roasted duck meat (not sure why, but that's what we were told), so had to order the 3-meat combo in order for us to try the roasted pork and duck together. We also ordered the poached spinach with 3-eggs, plain and intestine porridge, fried tofu with pork floss and for desserts, flowy custard buns.

alot of food

First to arrive was the meat platter.

roasted meat platter

jelly fish!

roasted pork with crispy skin

soya sauce chicken

roasted duck

 The roasted pork was good! Fat and lean meat ratio was just right, and with crispy crackling skin. Yums! Dip it into the mustard sauce plus sweet plum sauce, double yums! The roasted duck was nice too, with tender meat and slightly fatty skin. The soya sauce chicken has abit of bones intact, so had to eat it with care.

plain porridge

intestine porridge

 The porridge here has been grinded till smooth. My friend commented that the plain congee tasted milky. The intestine porridge has loads of ingredients such as meatball, intestine, liver and perhaps a slice or two of kidney?


century egg, garlic, spinach and chicken egg

The spinach is slightly poached and hence, retained a little of its 'crunchiness'. This dish is our prerequisite vegetable quota for the day.

deep fried tofu with pork floss

silky soft tofu

The deep fried tofu with pork floss dish was quite addictive! The outerside is salty much like those 盐酥鸡, and the inner part still silky smooth. Nice.

And for the finale (or if you like, dessert), we had the flowy custard bun (流沙包). However, much to my surprise (a pleasant one, of course), it was purple in colour! Wooohoo!

purple flowy custard bun

One basket contained just 2 buns, so we ordered two baskets.

oozing with goodness!

Three ladies devoured all the food, and the total bill came up to about $33+ per pax. For now, there is a promotion for DBS credit card, where you get a return voucher of $10 valid for the next visit.


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