Friday, June 17, 2011

Freshness Burger @ The Central Clarke Quay

Located at The Central Level 1, accessible by outerside of the building at a corner near the bus stop. Visited this outlet on a weekday night. Actually wanted to eat ramen but Marutama was kinda packed, so went to Kusabi but was turned away at 855pm because the service staff said last order is at 9pm. Hmmm... maybe she doubted that I could order in less than 5 minutes or the kitchen people might have already packed up for the day? Not sure.

So there I was at Freshness Burger at 9pm. The shop was empty saved for a two or three occupied tables. I ordered salsa hamburger, chicken nuggets and a cranberry soda drink. From the menu, it looked like they do not have any set meals, hence everything is ala-carte mixed and matched. Currently, they have a promotion where you can get $2 off your meal if you order a burger, a side and a drink.


The regular burgers are quite expensive. Imagine paying $6.90 for a classic burger with cheese? The salsa burger that I ordered fell under the hamburger option and costs $3.50.

salsa burger

thin patty, loads of chopped onions and lettuce

Salsa burger was enjoyable, with its tangy tomatoes. The patty was thin though.

chicken nuggets

tender and hot~

The chicken nuggets were quite a good buy at $2.80 for about 6 pieces. Served piping hot. Yums. As for the drink, I would not recommend cranberry soda to anyone. It was way too sweet and tasted strange with the soda.

Total meal costs $7.80 (after $2 discount).


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