Monday, May 9, 2011

Spicy Thai Thai Restaurant @ Dickson Road

Located next to the Wanderlust Hotel, somewhere along Dickson Road. If you see Jalan Besar, Dunlop St. then this place is nearby.


The place looks abit dingy and we dined at the back alley. The lady who came to take our orders was friendly and helpful, plus conversant in Mandarin too.


Decided to go for their Thai steamboat bbq combo, and ordered a small tom yam clear soup, pineapple rice, spicy mini wings and fried kai lan. The place looked quite busy with many diners, and the helpful lady did warn us that we might need to wait a bit for the food but nevertheless, not too long. Like any other hawker centre, payment for drinks is expected once the drinks are delivered to the table.

green and red sauce

The green dipping sauce was quite spicy while the red sauce was sweet and also a tad salty. So use it sparingly, I'd say.

charcoal fired shallow pot for steamboat and bbq
steamboating the vege and bbq'ing the meats

The steamboat set consists of vegetables such as wong bok, kangkong and cilantro. It also has tang hoon (vermicelli) and an egg. The meat plate has many fatty mini lard cubes to oil the pot/stove. This set has pork done two cuts. One streaky fats and the other lean meat type. It also came with some squids and small prawns (de-shelled). Quite fun to cook and sometimes need to 'rescue' the meats out of the soup.

tom yam clear soup

stir fried kai lan

pineapple rice

closer view of pineapple rice

mini spicy wings

tiny wings

The tom yam soup was spicy but shiok because the heat doesn't stay on your tongue as it dissipates after a while. Not much ingredients in it though. The pineapple rice was sweeter than any of the pineapple rice that I had tasted so far in Singapore and has loads of cashew nuts in it. The mini spicy wings looked interesting and it was really tiny. It was dry, has a nice lemongrass flavour, adequately spiced and very tasty. Goes well with beer, perhaps.

at the end of the meal, the pot looked like this..

We paid $65 for the food and it fed 4 pax.


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