Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Old Ponggol Satay @ Alexandra Village Food Centre

My friend recommended this when it was still at ABC Brickworks Market, but we were too late. Its neighbouring stall said they had moved to the newly renovated Alexandra Village Food Centre. Was at AVFC recently, hence decided to give this a try.

stall front

The stall was manned by a young chap and an old uncle. All satays (chicken, pork, mutton) are priced at 50 cents a stick. Ketupat as well. Ordered mutton and pork to try.

mutton + pork + ketupat

The satay size, can't say its big nor is it small. I think they were just about the regular sized. Rather thin, but I've eaten even smaller pieces elsewhere. Their version of satay sauce was not spicy (though it has a layer of chili oil) and has a dollop of pineapple sauce at the top.

satay sauce
The ketupat rice was rather soft and compact, but at least it came wrapped in the authentic casing and not those plastic type!

mutton satay

pork satay

The mutton satay has abit of 'lamb'ey smell but not overpowering. The meat was tender and enjoyable to eat. Pork satay has this tiny piece of fat at the center, that gave a good burst of flavour when eaten together with the slightly charred lean meat. Overall, the satay taste at this stall, leaned towards the sweeter side of things.

Overall costs was $5.50 for one pax. Looked harmless but this meal was quite filling. Washed it all down with a glass of cold sugar cane. Nice.


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