Saturday, April 2, 2011

Coffee Stars by Dao @ Wisma Atria

Located at Level 1 of Wisma Atria, this newly opened Thai cafe, was easy to find. Open spaced concept, so if you are seated by the side, be prepared to be oggled at by other shoppers.

chair in nice electric blue

The place was bustling on a Friday night. We ordered stuffs like fried noodle shrimp and crabmeat in yellow curry egg sauce, tom yum noodle, and lots of cakes! Hahaa, we had like 4 cakes for the 3 of us. For cakes, we had coconut, baby champ cheesecake, devil food cake and durian cake.

fried noodle with shrimp and crabmeat in yellow curry egg sauce

yummy prawns

Perhaps there was a mistake? We weren't sure ourselves.. but we didn't find any crabmeat at all in this dish. But there were lots of eggs though. The kway teow was quite mild tasting and the flavour were mostly concentrated in the fried eggs. There was just a tiny hint of curry flavour. So tiny that it was almost negligible. Prawns were nice but there was hardly any kick to this dish.

various condiments

some chili flakes to give it that 'oomph'
tom yum noodle soup
looks like udon?

Had just a quick taste of the tom yum soup, and it was pretty tasty with that sourness at the end. But my friend who had the noodles said the dish didn't make any impression on her.

For me, I just had coffee and cakes.

baby champ cheesecake

coconut cake

Cheesecake was sweet and moist. Coconut cake was light and had slivers of coconut flesh layered in it. But was not particularly fond of that cherry ontop of it. Ok for decorative purposes but felt that the cherry had somewhat disrupted the overall taste of the cake.


coconut cake with grated coconut, fresh cream, sponge cake, coconut flesh

Two cakes aint enough for us girls, so we ordered another two!

devil food cake


durian cake

smooth and creamy

Devil food cake probably because it is sinful? Hahaa, perhaps. The cake was nicely dense and chocolatey but not overly sweet. We liked. The texture of the cake reminds me of "ma lai gao" (rice cake). Durian cake was not much of a looker, but it sure tasted good! The durian taste was not overpowering and just nice for a cake.

The service was friendly, and iced water is served here.

For this meal, we paid $23 per pax and there were three of us. Currently there is an OCBC credit card promotion where a total bill of more than $60 entitles you to a free slice of cake.

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  1. I was introduced to this cafe by my friends who work nearby - otherwise, I would never have thought of trying this cafe since they have a flashy looking Paris Baguette upstairs.

    I was really amazed and surprised by the quality of food served by them - all tasted great (I used to be really skeptical of fusion food as chances of failure might be high)... I loved their durain cake the most and personally think that it is comparable to the standards of Goodwood Park Hotel's.

    Click HERE to view my review!!


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