Saturday, April 9, 2011

Su Korean Cuisine @ Far East Plaza

Located at Level 1 of Far East Plaza, this restaurant is located at one remote corner. Last visited in 2007 (wow, that many years ago!) and hence, it was about time for a revisit.

It was a weekday evening, hence the place was not that crowded. Still looks about the same as three years back but the menu has changed a little. Knowing that their BBQ was good, we chose a set menu for two @$52++ that comprises of BBQ meats (chicken and beef short ribs), kimchi soup, rice and complimentary side dishes and fruits. However, my friend do not take beef, so we changed it to pork collar.

wet towel, chargeable
complimentary side dishes

The side dishes comprised of 8 different types of items. There were blanched items (spinach and bean sprouts), stir fried items (celery and ladies finger) and potato and kimchi. The bean sprouts tasted a little unfresh that night so we didn't take too much of it. The cooked potato and celery were nice. Tasted just like home-cooked.

marinated chicken

The service staff will ask if you'd like the BBQ meat to be cooked in the kitchen or DIY. We prefered to do it ourselves, because that's part of the fun! But it could get kinda hot in your face kind with the middle of the table heating up.

BBQ in progress
beautifully barbeque'ed meat

The meats were well marinated and tasted good. Pork collar was firm with some fatty bits while the chicken meat was tender. Service was a little erratic as they forgot to serve the lettuce and bean paste for us to eat with the meat. Dab a little bean paste (slight spicy), not too much because it is salty onto the fresh crisps lettuce, add a slice of raw garlic, place the still smoky meat (right of the hot grill) onto the leaves, wrap it tightly and put into the mouth. Yummy.

kimchi soup

The kimchi soup was served in a hot stone bowl. Its spice level was lower than expected and there was sweetness in the soup. Enjoyable with white rice. There were rice cakes and tofu squares in the soup as well. So it will fill you up quite fast.

I am not sure if a two seater (or whether there were any two seaters in the restaurant) could accommodate so many things on the table. But was glad that they put us at a table for 4. Cold korean tea goes well with the BBQ. The side dishes and tea are refillable.

This meal costs about $65 (incl. of taxes) for two pax.


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