Saturday, April 9, 2011

Swee Choon Dim Sum @ Jalan Besar

Located at Jalan Besar Road, this establishment has been around for some time. Opened from 6pm till 10am, so don't come at the wrong timings, otherwise, you'll be in for a disappointment! We chose to sit at the open space area under large trees to enjoy the cool evening air.

view from its open-spaced area aka backlane

Once seated, we were immediately attended to by a friendly auntie.

basic setup

We came for dim sum, so we ordered the basics like har gao, siew mai, beancurd roll, carrot cake, pork ribs, chicken claw, lor mai gai and fried banana fritters. Looks like we preferred the Hong Kong styled dim sum items rather than the Shanghai ones as this place serves up two styles of dim sum. For drinks, we had cold soya bean.

cold soya

The dim sum arrived in succession one after another.

chicken claw
lor mai gai
Chicken claw was not as tender as other places, so the enjoyment level as down one notch. Lor mai gai on the other hand, was good. Plump looking chicken pieces sitting on top of tasty glutinous rice that was cooked to just the right consistency.

carrot cake

As pre-warned by my friend, the carrot cake came in two large pieces that was cut into 3 bite size pieces each. Is there a saying that the side pieces were the best tasting ones and usually people will go for the sides? Not sure, but the guy in our group said so. Although the carrot cake looked like it had been fried a little too much, but the taste was good. Fragrant with bits of chinese sausages (lap cheong). Good to eat.

har gao
siew mai
A common attribute of har gao and siew mai; tightly wrapped. Only difference is the fillings and its skin. The har gao skin was not too thick and manages to hold its fillings of large chunks of prawns neatly. The pork filling in the siew mai was firm and not too dry, but not outstanding.

pork ribs

The pork ribs was tender and chewy. Not too salty and just right to be eaten as it is.

fried banana roll
beancurd skin roll

We enjoyed the deep fried items (beancurd skin roll and banana roll) very much. Clear winner of the night! The banana was crunchy and sweet. Like a dessert. While the beancurd skin was crisp and the filling of minced prawns were nice complements to the skin.

There were 12 dishes in total and we paid about $30++ for 3 pax.


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